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Top 10 Rehab Centers in California

Addiction refers to the need or urge to use a substance, regardless of the adverse effects it has on the individual. The need for the substance becomes unbearable, almost in a way that demands the person to seek it constantly. Unlike popular belief, addiction is in fact a real disease, which is multifaceted, and comes in varying degrees. A patient recovering from addiction requires the support and help from both family and trained professionals in order to restore normalcy, and a life that is substance free.

California though is often called as the “Golden State”, the situation with respect to drug and alcohol abuse is quite bleak.  Drug and Alcohol addiction in California is a major cause for concern as drug and/or alcohol addictions are becoming increasingly common.  With nearly 8% of California’s total population is meeting the criteria for substance use disorder, and out of that only 10% of the people with a dependence disorder are receiving any form of treatment. With nearly 40,000 patients in the emergency room due to drug addiction related issues, rehab is a common choice in the state to achieve sobriety.

In order to treat addiction, one of the best solutions is admission into a rehab facility. A rehab or residential rehabilitation is a drug and alcohol treatment program, that are abstinence based and provide and intensive program of support and care-giving for addicts. While rehabs have been around for quite some time now, they were always faced with a certain stigma, however, now the tables have turned. People are becoming more focused on the idea of well-being. The state offers many Drug Rehab California, and they have a treatment program for everyone.

Here is a list of some of the top 10 rehabs Centers in California:

#1. Novo Detox Center, Los Angeles, California

Located in the Bel Air district, Novo Detox center is ranked as one of the best rehab centers in California. It provides 24/7 detox, in a luxurious residential environment. They provide a comprehensive treatment program wherein each client receives a personalized plan in order to start their journey of recovery, and they also receive weekly personalized programs. The treatment plan focuses on individual as well as group therapy, and other classes or workshops like Relapse Prevention, Somatic Therapy, Psychodynamic therapy, etc.

Novo Detox is known as one of the best rehab centers in California mainly due to their track record, and their forty year experience in De-addiction. Their evidence based treatment programs assist patients in achieving long term and sustainable recovery.

#2. Hope By The Sea, San Juan Capistrano, California

Located in San Juan Capistrano, that falls in between Los Angeles and San Diego, is a leading rehab center in California that treats alcohol addiction and drug abuse, through a variety of options and programs. They are known for their superior medically supervised detoxification methods, luxurious residential treatment, and their success in treating dual diagnosis. Hope By The Sea offers separate treatment for men, women and young adults; and interestingly they also have something that is known as Christian and Family treatments. They offer assistance for individuals who want to detox completely before entering the program, and thereafter enter the patient into a residential treatment program that follows the 12-step meeting, and incorporates other rejuvenation and therapeutic activities that enable the patient to learn how to live a life free from addiction, in a safe and supportive environment.

#3. Beacon House, Pacific Grove, California

Beacon House is located in the Northern part of California, on the coast near the Monterey Peninsula. The boasting feature for Beacon House is their lovely environment that assists an individual’s recovery process. It is located in a beautiful scenic area, and offers a warm, home-like setting. The comfortable environment is perfect to start one’s recovery journey. It offers residential as well as outpatient treatment options for men and women above the age of eighteen.  They offer a wide array of treatment solutions, each tailored for an individual client, and however the ultimate objective is speedy and sustainable recovery. The main goal is to help clients overcome their addiction and live a fulfilling life in sobriety. Beacon house is one of the best rehab centers in California.

#4. Duffy’s Napa Valley Rehab, Calistoga, California

Duffy’s is one of the best rehabs in California that deals mainly with cases of chemical dependency. It is again located in the northern part of California, in the beautiful Napa Valley. The program model that Duffy’s follows is based on abstinence and the twelve step program. Interestingly, they also educate the patient on chemical dependency as a step in the recovery process. Duffy’s helps patients by creating an individualized recovery plan that works through the various aspects of one’s addiction; the idea is to help the person sober up, and walk home confidently, with the belief that they can maintain sobriety.They deals mainly with cases of chemical dependency. It is again located in the northern part of California, in the beautiful Napa Valley.

The program model that Duffy’s follows is based on abstinence and the twelve step program. Interestingly, they also educate the patient on chemical dependency as a step in the recovery process. Duffy’s helps patients by creating an individualized recovery plan that works through the various aspects of one’s addiction; the idea is to help the person sober up, and walk home confidently, with the belief that they can maintain sobriety.

#5. The Hills Treatment Center, Los Angeles, California

The Hill Treatment Center is a luxury, high-end rehab center in California. The rehab treatment offers the patient with a luxurious environment, and almost all the amenities of a five-star hotel. It offers patients with gourmet meals, recreational options and an array of activities. Apart from is glitz and glam the center also offers top class services and a wide variety of addiction recovery services. They have residential treatment, private detox facilities as well as transitional living programs. The Hills Center truly works to help its patients and their families to heal and recover from the effects of addiction. They also are one of the few rehab centers in California that offer pet friendly housing treatment, so that the patient does not feel completely uprooted from their day to day life while they are staying.

#6.  Prominence Treatment, Calabasas, California

Located amidst the scenic beauty of Malibu, Prominence Treatment is a leading rehab center in California that focuses on treating addiction as well as its underlying causes through the twelve step approach and their various other therapies, such as Holistic Care, Music Therapy, Yoga, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, etc. Prominence is specialized in treating addictions to alcohol, cocaine, ecstasy, and various other Opioids. It also boasts its own supervised detox program for its clients. Top treatment at Prominence is matched with top comfort too; patients receive their own private and luxurious room.

#7. Ocean Hills Recovery, San Juan Capistrano, California

Ocean Hills rehab in California offers residential treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, with their 30, 60 or 90 day residential treatment. They are known to use a combination of methods to help patients overcome addiction, and also provide psychotherapy approaches along with individualized treatment plans to help them achieve their own personal goals in recovery.

#8. Hotel California By The Sea, California

This rehab center in California is located in Newport Beach, and offers gender specific programs. The basis of their recovery program is rooted in the traditional twelve step method, however they have incorporated various holistic models that help the patient recover even from the physical, emotional, spiritual as well as social elements of one’ life that gets imbalanced due to addiction. The center offers an environment of forgiveness, community and healing that helps build a new life and start afresh.

#9. Phoenix House, California

Phoenix House is drug rehab in California that has been around since 1979. They are known to treat men, women and adolescents of all ages. Using evidence-based services clients are able to draw from their strengths to lead healthy, productive and rewarding lives.

#10. Anatta Recovery, Bakersfield, California

Anatta Recovery is one of the leading luxury rehab centers in California. It provides recovery options through residential, non-medical methods, specializing in Alternative Life Programs, for those who want to recover and live a life free of substance dependence.  Founded in 2004, by a person in recovery along with a psychiatrist, Anatta today has joined hands with renowned physicians, counselors and healthcare professionals who aid the client to recovery.

Anatta is a luxury rehab center based on voluntary, non- medical, client- specific, one on one program, where you gain the tools to deal with these unresolved issues through compassionate, individualized, holistic coaching in a lavish ambience.

Anatta promotes and supports a treatment program, where we deal with emotional counseling and other behavioral treatments like – Meditation, Counseling, Introspective writing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

In addition, other healing routes also blend in, to facilitate the growth of an individual in order to encourage a transformation that leads to not finding the need to use /drink any substance whether drugs or alcohol.

Anatta provides a compassionate, accepting, non-judgmental environment, wherein help is available 24/7. It encourages an individual to accept oneself and deal with one’s issues in a harmonious environment that facilitates the desire to not find the need to drink/use. Anatta specializes is destination treatment that allows the individual to recover and regrow away from the hustle and bustle, in peace and tranquility. Recovering in the laps of serene nature, in luxurious comfort, away from one’s day to day stress, enables faster results, and greater peace of mind, as one does not have to worry about the additional external pressure they may face from those rooting for them, because recovery is a process that has its good and bad days, thus having its own ups and downs.

The fact that rehabilitation is gaining normalcy and has been seen as an important route towards addiction recovery is indeed a refreshing change. Each individual facing the disease of addiction goes through their own journey, and have different experiences. The only commonality that all clients express is the need for constant positive support of family and trained professionals. The support is the key ingredient for recovery, and these luxury rehabilitation centers will do the remaining job.


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