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Chandigarh has great offerings in terms of alternate life therapy for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Fill the form below to get expert consultation for your favorite destination.

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    Addiction is a complicated disease, which is triggered by rampant use of substance despite severe consequences. People combating substance abuse disorder, primarily focus on drinking alcohol and using substances of their choice, this abusive disorder drives them to an unmanageable cognitive behavioral clutter, where addiction take over their daily life.

    In Chandigarh, the drug and alcohol addiction treatment centres offer not only their respective treatments, but also offer co-dependency treatment for those whose life is damaged by living with an addict.

    Defining Drug & Alcohol Addiction

    People struggling with addiction go through a colossal number of behavioral disorder – distorted thinking, cognitive disorder and physical functionality problems. Intense crave for drinking or using are initiated by the changes in brain signals. Brain scans have shown changes in the brain’s wiring elaborately of an addicted person, which controls judgment, decision making, learning, and memory & behavior control.

    Symptoms Of Addiction Are Categorized In 4 Types:

    Impaired behavior: An active and uncontrollable urge to drink or use drugs or alcohol abusively without thought of conscience.

    Social issues: People with an addiction tend to isolate themselves in the dwellings of drugs or other mediums dramatically affecting their social relationships.

    Risk factor: Any addict poses a great risk to his/her health which they stop considering due to the utopia of influence.

    Additional factors: Numerous drug and alcohol users experience co-occurring cognitive illness as addiction triggers the underlying mental health issues. They also give birth to co-dependency in their loved ones.

    Is Your Loved One’s Addiction
    Killing Your Relationship?

    Understanding Addiction

    Current Scenario Of Addiction In

    Chandigarh has shown a significant rise in the drug abuse stats over past few years. Few cities in Punjab including Chandigarh have been a prey of ever rising substance abuse in India. In spite of being one the developed in Punjab, Chandigarh has fallen prey of the drug abuse racket. There are numerous children in juvenile homes and crime cells for committing crimes for drugs.

    Not only drug and alcohol abuse, the crimes associated with and for them have also increase in the region. Underage sexual offenses are on the rise risking the safety of women in Chandigarh too. The government is taking strict actions against these crimes and abuses to control the situation.

    Being one of the first planned cities in India, Chandigarh has risen above addiction and is rapidly working to remove it from the very roots. However, people with drug and alcohol addiction disorder address their problem, but fail to control the strong urge to use or drink. That is why, many addiction treatment centres with a wide range of therapies and treatment options have opened up to solve these issues.

    Rehabilitation Centre in

    As addiction has become the most important issue in Chandigarh in the last 20 years, Government has also taken a lot of initiative and numerous types of treatment are available to help with the cause. For most treatment options, a combination of different behavioral therapies and counseling are given. Treatments that address personal situation, medical issues and cognitive problems leads one to successful recovery.

    Non-medical therapies are given to control the cravings and relieve severe symptoms of withdrawal. Counseling is provided for motivations, develop self-esteem, and skillsets are developed to cope with the urge of using drug and prevent relapse. Co-dependency is also recognized in Chandigarh nowadays and the authorities are working to provide the best treatment for it.

    Chandigarh has now established itself as one of the fastest growing co-dependency treatment location with multiple features like single client specific, confidential and alternate life therapy packages. This has intrigued a global audience to get their loved ones treated here.

    Confidentiality In Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment

    Visiting an de-addiction centre in Chandigarh and rehabilitation centre in Chandigarh , or anywhere else for that matter, are looked upon as a social stigma and taboo. This often times is a deterrent to seeking the help that is so essential. That is why, confidentiality is kept as utmost priority for clients by the addiction treatment centres in Chandigarh.

    Whether it is drug and alcohol addiction treatment or co-dependency treatment, confidentiality is the key to carrying it out effectively. To tackle such a hardened situation, the patient should always be kept in a comfortable environment and nothing is better than going out of your home country for that purpose.


    Get Help In Bringing Your Loved Ones Back From Addictions

    The treatment to any kind of addiction should begin as soon as possible and to do that, you will require support from an expert. Simply fill in the form and one of our specialists will contact you to give all the support.

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      Top 5 Reasons To Choose Chandigarh

      For Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

      Addiction is strictly being monitored and rectified in the city of Chandigarh. That’s why, the treatment centres have all the necessary infrastructure and support to help people become addiction free:

      • Chandigarh is India’s finest planned cities and provides great infrastructure support to treatment centres
      • There are single client specific co-dependency treatments available across Chandigarh
      • Being close to the Himalayas, the weather is mildly cold to provide comfortable environment during recovery
      • It is one of the most suggested places for destination addiction treatment
      • There are multiple life-altering therapies available including meditation and yoga for treatment


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