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Begin Recovery With Alternate Life Therapy

Amritsar has great offerings in terms of alternate life therapy for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Fill the form below to get expert consultation for your favorite destination.

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    Are you or your child is unhappy with his/her drug addiction? In spite of having a drug addiction, does he/she feel guilty about this lifestyle? Do you want to rid of drug-addicted life? Anatta recovery is the one place that gifts life and helps your body detoxify to get you back into the zone of peace which is free from alcohol, smoke, and drugs.

    Our special team consists of psychologists, counselors, medical practitioners who treat the symptoms of drug addictions including loss of control, physical anomalies, lack of tolerance, balance and coordination problems, weak memory, etc.

    Why Anatta Rehab Centre in Amritsar should be your foremost choice?

    Getting yourself enrolled at Anatta Rehab Centre in Amritsar is a major step to head towards a drug-free life. We start the program with the body detoxification process which is the most vital part of the process of recovery.  It not only helps a person to feel great about themselves but it also strengthens the willpower of patients to fight back the deadly addiction of alcohol, smoke, and cleanup their bodies. A new confidence is gained by the patients to face the World again and enjoy the new life with their loved ones.

    Inpatient care at Anatta Recovery, alcohol rehab centre in Amritsar?

    When the patients reside in our faulty, we offer them effective treatments, therapies, and services that help them overcome fast. The programs are developed in such a way that help patients understand more and more about themselves and their addictions. They analyze their triggers and gain valuable life skills. The goal of inpatient care is to allow patients to achieve sobriety and remain free from addiction all their lives.

    Want To Recover From Drug And
    Alcohol Addiction?

    Understanding Addiction

    Drug and alcohol addiction treatment at Anatta Recovery

    Our expert team lets the person get rid of a range of drugs from Cocaine to Heroin to Opium to Marijuana to MDMA, LSD, etc by offering the following facilities. Located in Amritsar, Anatta Recovery – one of the renowned alcohol rehab centre in Amritsar offers psychological treatments to help individuals get rid of life-threatening addictions. Individual counseling, group counseling, meditation session, and yoga sessions are held within centre. Along with psychological therapy, detox therapy and in-house activities are also organized.

    Life after treatment at best rehab centre in Amritsar, Anatta Recovery

    After acquiring all the necessary skills and knowledge, patients successfully maintain a balance of life after treatment. Most of the patients get back to their normal lives, i.e. before addiction while others start entirely a new life. Our medical practitioners suggest them to focus on participating in support groups, returning/finding a new job, rebuild relationships with family and friends, secure a new place to live and show care towards innocent children and tips. Gardening is also suggested to remain connected with nature and inculcate peace within.

    Top facilities offered at Anatta Recovery, luxury drug rehab centre in Amritsar:

    • Bed Room Villa: Come to Anatta recovery and experience World-class wellness at our bedroom villa. There is a huge space in each villa along with well-cleaned bathrooms. The bathroom consists of all the necessary items like soap, toothbrushes, towels, etc. The beds are comfortable and the furniture is well furnished to keep your belongings in an organized manner. The Air conditioner brings the right cooling.
    • In house cook: Our in-house cook is specialized in preparing both vegetarian and nonvegetarian recipes. The trained chefs make sure that they cook healthy yet tasty food whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. We serve fresh food and let you relish the dish happily.
    • Gym: We have a spacious gym on our premises which is well equipped with all the gym accessories like – dumbles of various weights, mats, balls, kettlebells, etc. Modern machinery also there like – treadmill, rowing machines, elliptical machines, upright bikes, etc.
    • Swimming pool: At Anatta Recovery, a luxury alcohol rehab centre in Amritsar, you enjoy the amazing dip into the comfort of a marvelous pool of crystal clear water to wash away all your pains. Have a splash and enjoy to the core.

    Regular Alumni Participation

    Alumni participation is an ongoing process at Anatta recovery, one of the topmost rehabilitation centres in Amritsar. It engages former patients together and maintains a healthy relationship with the people who have successfully completed rehab. Alumni participation includes social gatherings, meetings, and ongoing education and support. So, are you ready to start the treatment process? Contact us today and empower yourself to welcome positive changes in your life.


    Get Help In Bringing Your Loved Ones Back From Addictions

    The treatment of any kind of addiction should begin as soon as possible and to do that, you will require support from an expert. Simply fill in the form and one of our specialists will contact you to give all the support.

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