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    Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centre in Bhubaneshwar

    Alcohol and drug addiction is a chronic and brain relapsing disease defined by the psychological and physical dependence on drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. When the addictive disorder of alcohol and drugs is developed, a person suffers from toxic habits. Prolonged substance abuse results in a dangerous cycle of addiction. During this cycle, a person consumes the substance repeatedly over time. Alcohol and drug addiction are continuously increasing among youth. By the time they realize that they have a problem, it becomes too late to withdraw from a problem. They start prioritizing their consumption over anything else.

    Nobody plans to get addicted to alcohol or drugs, but peer pressure and stress force a person to be dependent upon intoxication. Also, children who grow up in a family environment where drug and alcohol consumption is quite common are also found more inclined towards toxic substances. But, don’t worry! In case you or your child has got addicted to toxic substances, get him/her admitted to Anatta recovery, one of the best rehabilitation centre in Bhubaneshwar.

    Rehabilitation Centre in kolkata

    Signs of Drugs and Alcohol addiction

    Identifying drugs and alcohol addiction is like any other illness. The health experts of Anatta Recovery, the top rehab in Bhuwaneshwar assess the patient’s mental and physical condition and recommend the most suitable treatment. Our medical experts assess the willpower of patients to control substance consumption – whether a person consumes drugs and alcohol in larger quantities over a period of time than his/her addiction? Do the experts also analyze that whether a person wants to cut back on its usage or not?

    Do our health practitioners also check that whether a person experiences a strong desire to consume drugs or not? The sense of responsibility of patients has also checked whether an addicted person has a sense of responsibility towards school/home/office or he/she only focuses on consuming drugs and alcohol day and night. The interpersonal relationship is also the criterion to analyze how much struggle does the person does while managing relationships with the people. The participation of people is also analyzed how much they show interest in social or recreational activities. The withdrawal symptoms of patients are also checked whether they suffer from irritability, anxiety, vomiting, and nausea.


    Understanding Addiction

    What are the warning signs of drug and
    alcohol addiction?

    Alcohol and drug consumption problems simply begin with their experimentation, however, after a certain period of time, the addiction becomes worse. There are certain warning signs that need to be watched, like – ignoring commitments or responsibilities, forming a new set of friends. Their memory or concentration gets weakened day by day. They become utterly secretive about their personal life and sudden mood swings and change in behavior are also noticed.

    A person starts liking isolation and a series of unexplained absences are noticed. In fact, the sleeping hours of a patient get longer followed by an unusual lack of motivation. Major changes in physical appearance are also noticed like – weight loss or weight gain. After assessing all the warning signs of drug and alcohol addiction, Anatta Recovery, the best rehabilitation centre in Bhubhaneshwar for alcohol curates the treatment process.

    What is Polydrug Use?

    A majority of people who look forward to a treatment for a substance use disorder are mostly dependent upon more than one type of substance. Polydrug use involves the consumption of one type of drug, along with another. This is often done in order to intensify the effects of a certain drug or achieve a stronger high feel. Mixing drugs is extremely dangerous for one’s health and its overdose can lead to major health issues and even death. Here at Anatta Recovery, the top rehab in Bhubaneshwar, our health experts put in their best efforts to help patients overcome their single drug addiction and even group drug addiction.

    Treatment Process at Anatta Recovery, best rehabilitation centre in Bhubaneshwar

    Every individual’s journey is different from others due to drug and alcohol addiction. However, the majority of people follow similar struggles. Here at Anatta Recovery, a world-class rehabilitation centre in Bhubaneshwar, we provide an effective treatment process. This form of rehabilitation allows a person to completely focus on recovery without any distractions or triggers which can lead to substance abuse.

    Our treatment process starts with the detoxification process where we support the individual to bear withdrawal symptoms. We clear the body with the required medicines and psychological support that help them enhance their willpower to leave the addiction. We also organize individual and group therapy time-to-time to let their insecurities, fears, and anxiety vent out and they can feel light. We also offer aftercare treatment where we organize workshops to ensure that patients have got back to their previous life.

    Get in touch with Anatta Recovery, reputed Rehab Centre in Bhubaneshwar

    We follow a comprehensive approach in our entire treatment program as a luxurious, rehab centre in Bhubhaneshwar that encompasses writing, counseling, nutritional supplementation, meditation, and other healing techniques. The goal of our treatment is not just to heal a clients’ body, but we transform the attitudes and outlooks of patients which help them to remain sober all their lives.


    We Can Help You Become Free From Addiction

    The treatment to any kind of addiction should begin as soon as possible and to do that, you will require support from an expert. Simply fill in the form and one of our specialists will contact you to give all the support.

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