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    The drug doesn’t kill a life, it ruins generations. The drug is the bane for humans. Anatta recovery follows the comprehensive approach towards drug treatment. The rehabilitation program rebuilds the mental and physical health of a person. The process comprises conducting individual counseling sessions, group therapy sessions, and other medical procedures to help a person leave the addiction to drugs.

    Here at Anatta recovery, a drug rehab centre in Punjab, we address various issues and challenges experienced by individuals which include balance-related problems, dizziness, weak cognitive abilities, and vision problems.

    What Does Anatta Recovery, Drug Rehab Centre in Punjab Offer?

    Individual counseling sessions are offered on a daily basis. Counselors assist patients to overcome addictions and motivate people to participate in group counseling. The bond of friendship and fellowship with each other aid patients on their way to recovery. When patients undergo emotional or physical triggers, doctors and counselors help them to combat those triggers and come out of the circumstances that lead them to drug addictions. Counselors also help rehab patients to transform their negative habits that are related to their addictions.

    Drug detoxification process at Anatta Recovery:

    Here at Anatta recovery, we let the people go through medical detoxification in a safe environment. The detoxification process is the psychological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from the human body. Our experts suggest effective detoxification diets that help them reduce the cravings of drug addicts. The medications help reduce the anxiety of not getting the drug doses and thus stop unpleasant and life-threatening withdrawal symptoms

    Drug addiction can break your life into pieces
    Identify Signs

    Understanding Addiction

    Anatta recovery, the renowned rehab centre in Punjab offers the following facilities:

    • • 24×7 supervision: At Anatta recovery, the luxury drug rehab centre provides round – the – clock supervision, so that people can be safeguard from relapse. Since, individuals who undergo recovery period are vulnerable to the variety of health issues once they stop using drugs. Hence, it becomes important for them to take care of them during this phase where their bodies are trying to adjust to healthy lifestyle.
    • • Proper recovery routine: As a prestigious rehabilitation centre in Punjab, we help patients participate in a daily routine. The patient undergoes through group therapy and alternative therapy. An individual is given good nutrition and allow him/her to be involved in regular fitness.
    • • Spiritual aspirations: A drug addict mostly has a history of poor discipline and self – care habits. Our medical team gets the people towards disciplined lifestyle and self-care habits. They are inspired to follow spiritual practices and clam their mind with meditation.

    Anatta recovery – Luxury alcohol rehab centre in Punjab which offers various programs like:

    • Support to family members: We organize monthly Group counseling to inform the position of patients to their parents. Our trained staff guides the parents about how they can help the patients overcome the addiction. They share their real-life experience with the parents about the problems, pain, frustrations, and crisis they deal with recovering addicts and give them hope to keep trying and show immense love and care to the patients.
    • Share relapse prevention plan: While releasing the patient, the team members of Anatta Recovery – the rehab centre in Punjab prepares a relapse prevention plan for every patient according to their personalities. It helps patients as well as the parents to keep in touch with the centre. Regular get-togethers are organized where patients can address their daily problems, achievements and also give feedback about the recovery process and how are they feeling post-treatment.
    • Regular Follow-ups: After the discharge of people from the rehabilitation centre, regular follow-ups are done with the patients and their families to guide them on adopting the clean and serene lifestyle. This allows them to be comfortable and let them lead addiction-free lives.

    Extended care options at Anatta Recovery

    Here at Anatta recovery, a luxury rehab centre in Punjab, we offer an extended program even after completion of the course. A sober living environment is offered where you can find a support system of the peers around you. This program gives you extra support and to go back to the World and be successful with the skills you have gained through the program.

    Where there is life, there is hope. Anatta Recovery aims at reducing the amount of stress and triggers in the patient’s life and keep him or her from relapsing.


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