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Baroda has great offerings in terms of alternate life therapy for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Fill the form below to get expert consultation for your favorite destination.

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    Addiction to intoxication is not cool! It’s neither stylish nor progressive. It not only affects the health of a person who is addicted to charas, ganja, alcohol, MDMA, heroin, cocaine, etc, but it also leaves a bad impact on the economic condition of the family and becomes the roadblock for peace &prosperity of the family. The lot of cases of drug addicts is increasing in Gujarat. There is no such medicine that can help curb this problem.

    However, with lifestyle changes, therapies, and counseling, patients can overcome the sinful crime on themselves.  It is advisable to join a rehabilitation centre as soon as possible before it gets worse with time. Anatta recovery, one of the top-notch drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres in Baroda can help you or your near and dear one to leave this problem permanently.

    What is Drug Addiction?

    Drug addiction is defined as the physical and psychological requirement of consuming a substance in spite of its dangerous repercussions. At the first, you choose to consume a drug because someone insists on you, later on, you consume it with your will because you love the way it makes you feel. Gradually, drugs start controlling your brain and make you become a slave to them.

    Symptoms of drug  addiction

    Though symptom of drug addiction is unique for every person, here are a few common symptoms of drug addicts – intense cravings, neglecting responsibilities, isolating behaviors, non-cordial relations with family, drug-seeking behavior and lethargy

    Recovery, a drug rehab centre in Baroda

    Building a better tomorrow for all our patients is what we aim at every morning. Our team members are experienced and talented who apply their best skills to treat drug and alcohol addicts. We offer occupational therapy which is a work and play activity that helps promote, maintain the health, and independent functioning of patients. It comprises of developing various skills like – cooking a meal, playing a sport, getting dressed, and let the patients contribute their best towards society. The programs are well coordinated with the other health practitioners of the centre.

    Dietary accommodation

    Here at Anatta Recovery, a rehabilitation centre in Baroda,

    we offer healthy eating habits and quality food. A healthy diet accelerates the healing process of patients and gives them the vitality to combat addictions.

    Let your loved one be free from drug addiction
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    Understanding Addiction

    Treatment sessions at luxury rehabilitation centre in Baroda

    • • Group therapy: Group therapy empowers group members to build a sense of positivity and cooperation skills. Group therapy gives the platform to all the members to put forth their stories and allow one another to cope with their pain with emotional healing. This helps develop sincere compassion and understanding of each other’s suffering.
    • • Individual therapy:  It is one of the most effective methods used in addiction treatment centres. The one-to-one therapy sessions allow you to open up yourself and share your fears, insecurities, and concerns.
    • • Family therapy:  It’s a crucial treatment element that helps resolve the awkward feelings of patients towards life. Patients are collaborated with the family to feel loved and cared for. Family members are also advised on how to deal with the patient once he/she is discharged.
    • • Other specialized sessions:  The rehab centre offers specialized therapy sessions which include stress management, anger management, mood stabilization, etc. These sessions turn really helpful for patients to lead a life with happiness.

    Aftercare treatment at Anatta Recovery, prestigious drug rehab centre in Baroda

    On the successful completion of the drug recovery program, we make the patients self-dependent to go out, meet people, join the job, and reboot the life as it was before. But, we still make sure that aftercare treatment is offered to all the patients so that they can handle the ‘trigger of addiction’ in case it arrives in the future. Aftercare programs help a person to strengthen mental health, nurture relationships, and inclines a person’s nature towards educational development.

    So, get in touch with us today and give us an opportunity to uplift your life on the foundation of hope and optimism.

    Psychological counseling at Anatta Recovery, the best drug rehabilitation in Baroda

    Here at Anatta recovery, we offer specialized psychological counseling that helps patients achieve peace of the highest level. The counselors understand the mindset of the patients, their conflicts, their guilt and according to their mental state, they offer them solutions. We don’t complicate the procedure by asking them the tough questions; rather we keep the session light and simple so that they can adjust themselves to the environment of the rehab centre.

    Anatta Recovery, best drug and alcohol rehab centre for alcohol addiction treatment

    The comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment program at Anatta Recovery aims to heal the body and mind simultaneously. Initially, an assessment of guests is being done, then accordingly the detox program is suggested. The program is a combination of art therapy, yoga, and meditation which ensure the overall recovery of individuals. This rehabilitation centre in India gives the opportunity to let the guests revive their life once again full of fun and adventure.


    Get Help In Bringing Your Loved Ones Back From Addictions

    The treatment of any kind of addiction should begin as soon as possible and to do that, you will require support from an expert. Simply fill in the form and one of our specialists will contact you to give all the support.

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