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    Top Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Lucknow

    Some people are addicted to junk food, while some people are addicted to tea/coffee. But there are people who get addicted to the most dangerous stimulants like – alcohol and drugs.  The saddest part is the mostly the young generation who are known as the future of the Nation is getting trapped under drug and alcohol addiction. This is not good not only for the individual himself/herself or the family belonging to the individual but for the whole country. Teens taking these substances deteriorate their ability to focus on academic performance and family values. The major reason for experimenting with drugs is the bad company of friends. But, unfortunately, if your child has been shackled by the alcohol and drug abuse, then Anatta Recovery, a drug rehab centre in Lucknow for alcohol is the name you can rely upon.

    Why teenagers are at more risk withalcohol and drugs addiction?

    Teenagers experience a large variety of social, mental, and emotional changes as they experience highs and lows of growing up. During this period, they undergo a lot more confusing thoughts and are unable to express their problems. It is really important that the family must note their hormonal and personal changes, talk to them, and explain to them about their physical and hormonal changes. If their emotions go unattended, chances are that they would easily come under influence of drug peddlers who would give them the greed of pleasures of drugs and alcohols. But it’s actually the start of falling of life.

    Drug and alcohol addiction have major side effects like – headaches, chest pain, anxiety, lack of appetite, hallucinations, insomnia, strained relationships, and even major weight loss. If any of these symptoms exist in your child, it is important that parents must contact the best rehabilitation centre in Lucknow – Anatta Recovery to save your child from intoxication abuse.

    Why Anatta Recovery is a reliable rehabilitation centre in Lucknow?

    Anatta Recovery, the prestigious rehab centre in Lucknow follows a client-specific, voluntary, and one-to-one approach to understanding the mindset of patients. Our compassionate and empathetic staff opts for a friendly approach, instead of giving instructions to let the patients come out of alcohol and drug addiction. Our luxury rehab centre comprises an amazing ambiance that brings peace and calm within the heart and mind of patients. We offer some of the best programs like yoga, meditation, and introspective writing facilitating transformation within individuals to not to consume drugs or alcohol.

    Don’t kill your physical and mental health
    De-addict yourself,

    Understanding Addiction

    Treatment Process at Anatta Recovery, top – notch rehab in Lucknow

    Choosing to attend rehab is the first empowering step to get freedom from drug and alcohol abuse. Anatta Rehabilitation, the best drug rehab centre in Lucknow offers the most comfortable and sober ways to help individuals de-addict themselves from alcohol and drug abuse. Here is the detailed treatment process at Anatta Recovery, a prestigious drug rehab centre in Lucknow:

    • Medical assessment: The treatment process starts with the patient’s medical assessment whether they suffer from any physical or medical ailment. This step allows the staff to determine the specific needs of individuals and maximize their chances of success. A customized recovery plan is curated to enhance the patient’s chances of success.
    • Detoxification process: During the detoxification process, the blood is cleaned using certain medications. Medical staff assists the patients during the withdrawal process to help patients successfully detox themselves. In some of the cases, other therapies are also recommended.
    • Inpatient Quality Care: During inpatient quality care, patients learn about their addictions, triggers, and pains. It helps patients achieve sobriety and provide the necessary skills and habits to remain free from addictions even after they leave the facility. Inpatient care includes treatment processes like yoga, nature walks, self – live therapy, art therapy, music therapy, prayer meetings, and meditation.
    • Outpatient Quality Care: During this treatment process, patients leave the inpatient facility but live in a supportive group of fellow recovery seekers. This program allows patients to “test themselves” and the “sobriety skills” they have acquired in a real-life setting.

    Planning life after treatment at Anatta Recovery, prestigious rehabilitation centre in Lucknow for alcohol

    It’s an important part of the alcohol and drug treatment process. The patients are prepared to resume life once again with new hopes and optimism:

    • Release phase: During the release phase, patients complete their administrative processes. Our faculty members provide final assessments and offer additional advice and guidance to patients. The release process makes sure that the patent is ready to begin its new life again.
    • Aftercare phase: It’s a kind of a treatment process that is given to people once they achieve their initial sobriety. Patients who take advantage of aftercare services are able to lower relapse rates.
    • Alumni participation: During alumni participation, former patients meet, engage, and maintain relationships with the people who have successfully completed rehab. Alumni programs reduce the chances of relapse by ditching social isolation.

    Take control of your life today, Join Anatta Recovery

    Anatta Recovery, the reputed rehab centre in Lucknow allows patients to get over the substance abuse disorder. Our dedicated treatment providers guide you in the right direction and help you overcome your long term addiction.  Join us today because you are not here to be depressed, guilty, or ashamed, but you are here to curate higher goals and achieve them.


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