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Indore has great offerings in terms of alternate life therapy for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Fill the form below to get expert consultation for your favorite destination.

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    In spite of having talent, good family support, one bad company can ruin a life. The dirty company of drug and alcohol addicts does not leave a good impact on the person. However, if you or your family member has already come under the trap of intoxication, then rehabilitation centres are the best places to uplift the patients from the difficulties they face and concentrate on both physical and mental health levels.

    At Anatta Recovery, a top rehab centre in Indore comprises of the team of highly talented physiotherapists, nutritionists and psychologists who support patients to help them recover from addiction problems. Every room is made comfortable to give good rest time and sound sleep to the person.

    Factors affecting alcohol and drug addiction:

    There are various factors that result in alcohol and drug addiction. After continuous consumption, our brain starts relying on alcohol and drugs for producing certain chemicals. It becomes hard for them to tolerate withdrawal symptoms and quit the dependence on alcohol and drugs. Let’s understand the common causes of alcoholism and drug addiction.

    1. Biological factors: Research has proved that there is a deep connection between alcohol & drug addiction and biological factors, especially physiology and genetics. It gives the feeling of pleasure and happiness, encouraging the brain to repeat the behavior and experience the feeling of high again and again. But don’t worry! At Anatta Recovery, a reliable rehabilitation centre in Indore for Alcohol helps the person win the battle against alcoholism and drug dependence.
    2. Environmental factors: Individuals who belong to the affluent class are mostly found addicted to alcohol and drugs. The simple reason is that they and their family can easily afford such items on a regular basis.
    3. Social factors: Social factors are also another reason behind drug and alcohol addiction. If your friends are more into drug and alcohol consumption, chances are you would also get exposed to alcohol abuse and would develop dangerous drinking and alcohol consumption patterns.
    4. Psychological factors: People with high stress, depression, insecurity, and anxiety are more vulnerable to develop an alcohol addiction. It helps suppress negative feelings and relieve the symptoms of psychological disorders easing.

    Get help for drug and alcohol addiction

    Understanding Addiction

    Facilities and Amenities at Anatta Recovery, best rehabilitation centre in Indore

    We understand that it’s a tough journey to De-addict oneself by staying far from the family members. Though at Anatta Recovery, we don’t let you feel down, our world-class amenities help you recover fast and successfully.

    Here are a few facilities and amenities at Anatta Recovery:

    • Structured treatment policy: This is one of the highlighting features which make us pioneers of rehab centres in Indore. The structured treatment emphasizes following a daily routine full of counseling sessions so that a person tries to replace self-destructive habits with positive ones.
    • Supportive environment: Our counselors and psychologists are of compassionate and empathetic nature which helps patients overcome their emotional triggers and lead a healthy life.
    • 24×7 medical support: Anatta recovery, a rehab centre in Indore offers 24×7 supervision and assistance to help patients recover from health issues that cause stress to both mind and body. Our health practioners help the patient feel like home and feeling of being loved.
    • Emphasis on sound health: Our experienced and well-researched nutritionists, psychologists therapists focus on improving mental health, relationships, physical strength to help people prevent drug cravings and relapse.

    Why relapse occur due to alcohol and drug addiction?

    Unfortunately, some people get relapsed even after undergoing alcohol treatment. When they get back to life, they are again get surrounded by the old group of friends who insist on falling back into the old habit of drinking and drug addictions.

    But don’t worry relapsing doesn’t mean that you have failed and you cannot overcome drug and alcohol addiction. At Anatta Recovery, the top rehab in Indore, we make you aware of the triggers and motivate you to seek additional help from a counselor. Our aftercare programs help provide you a greater chance to maintain long-term sobriety and stay away from alcohol and drug consumption habits.

    Alcohol and drug treatment professionals work with the patient for creating a personalized comprehensive recovery plan and include various therapies like – outpatient treatment, inpatient treatment, medically assisted therapy, and counseling.

    Join Anatta Recovery, a prestigious rehab centre in Indore

    Alcohol and drug habits are merely the illusion of oneself happy. But the reality is that it’s a slow killer. If you or your loved ones are not able to limit alcohol/drug addictions and experiencing sweating, shaking, losing interest in hobbies, and isolating himself/herself for long hours, it’s time to get yourself or a family member to join Anatta Recovery, a top rehabilitation centre in Indore. Our therapies and treatments like – Meditation, Yoga, exercise routine, behavioral therapy offers the best results and help an individual to return back towards a sober lifestyle.


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