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Jalandhar has great offerings in terms of alternate life therapy for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Fill the form below to get expert consultation for your favorite destination.

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    Drug addiction is merely two minutes pleasure, but its continuous intake takes away human’s life completely. Mentally, physically and emotionally a person undergoes through trauma and self abuse. Drug addicted people are not able to stop themselves from taking the specific substance.

    They are not able to control themselves even after the development of lung and heart problems.  Anatta Recovery, luxury rehab centre in Jalandhar helps the addicted person get rid of harmful things like drugs, alcohol, smoke and let him/her experience tranquility. So, get youself treated at Anatta Recovery, the best rehabilitation centre in Jalandhar.

    Treatment process at Luxury drug rehab centre in Jalandhar:

    Yes, drug addiction is a chronic disease and requires long sessions and tolerance of the family to get rid of it permanently. In our de-addiction centre in Jalandhar, we have doctors, specialists, and counselors who put in their best efforts to make the addicted patients come back to the normal life. The treatment process includes the following steps:

    • Detoxification: It’s the first step to treat addicted ones. It involves clearing the intoxicating substance from the body and helps restrain the withdrawal reactions.
    • Counseling: It is another most common treatment during the de-activation process. It helps to change the behavior and attitude of people towards using a substance and also strengthen the other procedure of treatments.
    • Rebooting:  Lastly, the group sessions are held with the parents, and then the patients are motivated to get back to normal life.

    Get yourself before it’s too late
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    Understanding Addiction

    Anatta Recovery infrastructure comprises of the top notch facilities

    • • Beautiful lawns:  Our drug rehabilitation centre in Jalandhar consists of big, beautiful lawns to let the patients enjoy fresh air and perform daily yoga and meditation activities. The serene beauty around brings positivity and happiness within a person. Continuous yoga practices amidst such a natural beauty make the patients nature lover and refrain them from intoxication.
    • • Fully air – conditioned rooms: Anatta Recovery, Drug Rehab Centre in Jalandhar consists of ACs in all their rooms. Air conditioners bring the right cooling to the room and let the patients spend peaceful time in their rooms.
    • • Advanced gym: Here at Anatta Recovery, best drug rehab centre in Jalandhar, we are equipped with advanced gym which includes all the necessary equipments and machines to get you fit as soon as possible.
    • • Swimming pool:  Our rehabilitation centre consists of clean swimming pool which is being carried out under the supervision of a trainer. Patients can have great time in swimming pool and they enjoy to the core.
    • • Balanced diet:  Here at Anatta Recovery, luxury alcohol drug rehabilitation centre in Jalandhar, we offer balanced diet to all the patients, so that they can recover well physically, socially and emotionally.
    • • Ambulance service available 24×7: Anatta Recovery offers ambulance services round the clock. Sometimes during treatment, the patients get triggers or they get breakdown completely for which they are required to get admitted quickly. In such cases, our ambulance services come as the rescue.

    Best drug rehab centre in Jalandhar surpassing expectations

    We totally understand that along with the patients, parents go through a lot of turmoil. Hence, our team doesn’t stick to the addict only but also helps the family to get educated about the disease. Once a month, our rehab centre organizes family meetings, so that they can meet the patients on a regular basis and motivate them to stay on the path of de-addiction. The family also feels satisfied that their wards are at the right place which will help them win the battle against drug addictions.

    Various treatments offered at Anatta Recovery, luxury drug rehab centre in Jalandhar

    At our Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Jalandhar, we offer behavioral as well as medicated therapies. During our treatment process, we offer customized programs, groups, and counseling. Other treatments include motivation discussion, behavioral therapy, or interviewing with each other.

    Cognitive therapy is also one of the imperative parts of the drug addict treatment process. It helps the therapists to identify issues with the patient’s situation and deal with them. Motivational interview between therapists and patients help the drug addicts to get inspired on how to change their behavior towards addictions. Our team members make sure that our patients are made comfortable with them.

    Top rehabilitation centre in Jalandhar within budget

    Anatta Recovery is one of the affordable drug rehab centres in Jalandhar. It suits your budget without compromising on quality services. We understand that your money is precious and our team doesn’t let you down when it comes to offering proper services to overcome addiction. Our addiction treatment is a series of processes, but we make sure that our prices do not put holes into your pocket.


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    The treatment of any kind of addiction should begin as soon as possible and to do that, you will require support from an expert. Simply fill in the form and one of our specialists will contact you to give all the support.

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