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Jaipur has great offerings in terms of alternate life therapy for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Fill the form below to get expert consultation for your favorite destination.

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    They say addiction to anything is bad and what worse can be alcohol and drug addiction. Our youth is getting trapped in this habit and the figures are increasing day by day. Youth is known as the superpower of the country, but unfortunately, today’s youngsters are getting inclined towards enjoyment and it starts with malicious addiction towards intoxication.

    If you have even an iota of diet that your child is getting attracted towards it, it’s your responsibility to explain to him/her the bad consequences of alcohol and drugs. In case, he/she has already started consuming it regularly, get your child admitted to the Anatta Recovery, the best drug rehab centre in Jaipur.

    What is Alcohol Addiction?

    Alcohol addiction is the heavy dependence upon alcohol to seek happiness. It causes major changes to the brain and neurochemistry. During this situation, a person is not able to control his/her actions and it becomes difficult for him/her to think best for himself/herself and his family.

    What is Drug Addiction?

    Drug addiction is defined as a relapsing disorder due to compulsive drug consumption, even after knowing or suffering from the adverse effects.

    Symptoms of alcohol and drug addiction:

    • Drinking at an inappropriate time, like – at the time of going church/temple/office.
    • Frequent consumption
    • Increased lethargy and depression
    • Avoiding contact with loved ones
    • Emotional issues
    • Racing heart
    • Memory blackout
    • Shakiness
    • Insomnia
    • Sweating
    • Poor balance and co-ordination

    Want to get rid of Alcohol and Drugs today?

    Understanding Addiction

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    Treatment for Drug and Alcohol addiction at Anatta Recovery, best-in-class rehab in Jaipur

    Here at Anatta Recovery, the best rehabilitation centre in Jaipur, we offer the best treatment plans as given below:

    • Detoxification therapy: Detoxification means cleansing the blood and removing the impurities and toxins from the liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, and intestines. During this period, a person suffers from a lot of adverse effects due to sudden withdrawal. However, our staff makes sure that individuals are fully supported to let this phase pass easily.

    • Chemical dependency treatment programs: During this session, our expert team explains the ill-effects of intoxication a person consumes and how deadly it is towards his/her life. After assessing the chemical dependence of a person, the treatment program is suggested to him/her.

    • Behavioral therapy: It’s a clinical behavior – therapy used to treat mental health disorders, mood disorders, and behavioral disorders to help clients change unwanted thought processes and negative behavior patterns.

    Top facilities at Anatta Recovery, world class rehabilitation centre in Jaipur for Alcohol

    The Anatta Recovery is a leading addiction treatment centre that sets the standard of offering the best facilities. Our infrastructure comprises of the best facilities as given below:

    1. Meditation and Yoga Class: Yoga classes are organized by top experts who impart a Yogic way of living including changes in diet, attitude, and specific techniques like – meditation, breathing techniques (pranayams) to attain the highest level of consciousness.
    2. Gymnasium: Anatta recovery, world-class rehabilitation in Jaipur for alcohol is well equipped with quality machinery and equipment. We take care of hygiene and sanitization, to avoid the spread of disease.
    3. 24×7 supervision: Here at Anatta Recovery, a world-class rehabilitation centre in Jaipur, our specialists conduct regular psychological assessments and laboratory assessments, so that patients can receive proper care and treatment.
    4. Swimming Pool: Our aquatic fitness training instructors teach aqua yoga and aqua aerobics. People relish the feeling of weightlessness and de-stressing effect. It brings a calming effect to the mind and helps overcome anxiety issues.

    Factors affecting alcohol and drug addiction:

    • Environmental factors: Individuals who are surrounded by friends who are drug and alcohol addicts are more likely to develop alcohol and drug addictions. Also, individuals with greater family wealth get dependent on alcohol and drug consumption.
    • Career factors: Certain professionals are likely to develop drug and alcohol addictions due to growing stress or politics at the workplace.
    • Relationship issues: Some people are really emotional and they are not able to handle their emotions when someone leaves them or someone is no more. So, during such time, they get indulged in alcohol and drug addictions.
    • Genetic factors: A person’s genes are also responsible to assess whether individuals are likely to develop an alcohol use disorder or not.

    No matter which factor is the major reason behind the development of drug or alcohol addiction, here at Anatta Recovery, a result-oriented rehabilitation centre in Jaipur, we offer the best treatment to help you overcome this deadly disorder which not only ruins a person’s personal life, but even professional life gets impacted.

    Aftercare Treatment at Anatta Recovery, No.1 rehab centre in Jaipur

    Our specialized team does not only offer in-house treatment, but it also supports the aftercare program. We cater to the specific needs of patients in order to guide, encourage, and support the stability of life post-treatment. With timely follow-ups, we help our patients to adjust well and un-shackle their lives from intoxication – drugs, and alcohol. All the best!


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