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Treat Addiction At A Destination Of Choice

If you are looking for a destination rehab center away from your city or country to treat your loved one’s addiction, simply fill the form and our expert counselor will contact you with support.

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    What Is Destination Treatment

    Destination treatment is a newfound way of treating drug, alcohol, prescription and substance addiction in a place that is detached from your loved one’s current situation. Destination rehab does not necessarily have to be a completely new country. It means a new place that is separate from anything and anyone that may resemble the current lifestyle or situation the addict is living in.

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    Why Choose A Destination Rehab For Addiction Treatment

    A Healthy Isolation

    Usually, addiction arises from a lifestyle choice which occur from one or more underlying reasons. In many cases, people who turn into addicts have quite a negative history or even present. Social issues, relationship issues or even any kind of stress may lead a person to get addicted easily. So, in order to get your loved one onto the path of complete recovery, isolating them from all and any of such situations is crucial.

    Start From Scratch

    Choosing a destination away from your home city or country serves the purpose of giving your loved one the healthy isolation from the damaged relationships and lifestyle. It helps them begin their life scratch. When your loved ones go away for destination treatment, you also get the required time and space to heal from the damage life.

    Higher Success Rate Of Recovery

    With equal amount of time and space being given to both the addict and his/her spouse, family and friends to recover, the ease of recovery also increases. Apart from this, coming back to normalcy becomes easier as it stands true that time heals a lot of things including health, guilt, grudge and frustration. This ensures that coming back home after recovery also stays healthy and does not lead to complications or relapse.

    What Is Destination Treatment Ideal For

    Rehabilitation Centre in kolkata

    Taking your loved ones to a completely new place separate and detached from the earlier life of addiction can help in recovery from a lot of addiction types. When combined with alternate life therapies that are focused on single client specific addiction treatments, the recovery rate of your loved one also increases significantly.

    It can helpful in treating the following:

    Drug and substance addiction also known as the uncontrollable urge to consume such substances to divert oneself away from the life’s reality.

    Alcohol addiction which occurs from long-term consumption of alcohol in large amounts regularly above the level that the body can intake without health and mental implications.

    Co-dependency which usually occurs from living with an addict for a long time. This condition is mostly psychological and requires alternate life therapies and complete isolation for effective recovery.

    How To Choose The Right Destination Rehab For Addiction Treatment

    Choosing the best treatment center at your favorite destination of choice is not an easy task. But, there are some factors that will help you in making the right decision for your loved ones based on your situation.

    Single Client Specific Treatment

    Addiction treatment is not a short-term process. It takes time and consistent support from both the treatment center and the loved ones for complete success. But most important aspect is the attention that the addict gets during the recovery phase. That is why, choosing a treatment center that offers single client specific addiction treatment is quite important.


    Considering the social stigma regarding addiction treatment that prevails in the current scenario, confidentiality is critical for a comfortable and safe rehabilitation. Destination treatment offers utmost confidentiality through healthy isolation but make sure that the treatment center ensures confidentiality on their behalf too.


    Addiction treatment is unique to every person based on their situation. That is why, the right addiction treatment is always bespoke to every individual client. There is a mix of therapies, exercises and other lifestyle sessions that make addiction treatment stronger. That is why, it is important to look for a treatment center that provides customized treatment options.

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    If you are looking for taking your loved one to a destination away from your home for addiction treatment, simply fill the form below and our counselor will contact you back.

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      Treatment Cost in USA & Mauritius:

      • Single client treatment in USA – 100 to 200 thousand USD per 4 weeks program, depending upon the properties chosen in conjecture with the client. Detoxification is an additional expense  of 20 to 30 thousand USD.
      • Charges for the same in Mauritius/Bali – 65 to 70 thousand USD per 4 weeks program, detoxification is 10 to 15 thousand USD.
      • The same treatment would cost anything between 30 to 40 lacs, depending on the venue chosen by the client for treatment. Cost of detox between 3 to 5 lacs.


      Recommended treatment duration would be 6 to 8 weeks.

      Cost of treatment would vary, depending on the choice of venue the client chooses.

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