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Kochi has great offerings in terms of alternate life therapy for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Fill the form below to get expert consultation for your favorite destination.

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    Since our childhood, we have been told that intoxication is bad for health. Addiction to alcohol and drugs is the biggest evil of life. It’s a trap that not only eats up one’s life, but also hurts our loved ones badly. Drug addiction ruins a person physical, mental, social and emotional life. They tend to develop liver problems, weakened muscles and bones.

    Mentally also, a person suffers a lot, he/she tends to develop forgetfulness, mood swings and irritability. The person doesn’t likemeeting people anymore, he/she starts embracing loneliness. Even, with family members the bond starts getting weak day by day. At Anatta Recovery, prestigious rehab in Kochi helps overcome alcohol and drug addictions. Contact us today!

    Alcohol de-addiction programme at Anatta Recovery, rehab centre in Kochi

    Recovery from an alcohol use disorder needs much time, effort, willpower and support. Our experts develop a complete plan to help you recover from the addiction. During the early days, patients may develop a weird feelings about the whole process, but our experienced psychologists and counselors extend full support in walking the path of the de-addiction journey.

    The treatment process at Anatta Recovery, top alcohol – drug rehab centre in Kochi:

    #STAGE 1: Assessment of medical history: During the treatment process, an individual’s alcohol and drug use history is assessed, the basis that a treatment program is introduced, and the counselor is appointed to develop an individualized treatment plan. The counselor analyses the damaging effects of addiction explores the feelings of an individual and accordingly adds other therapies required to help an individual overcome the addiction.

    #STAGE 2: Teach coping skills: It takes a lot of strength to give up drug and alcohol addiction. Early abstinence is the toughest stage to overcome. People undergo withdrawal symptoms, psychological dependence, physical cravings, and triggers that tempt a person to go into relapse. The trained addiction counselor teaches you coping skills so that one can head towards a sober lifestyle.

    #STAGE 3: Advanced recovery: During this stage, the individuals have to practically apply all the skills they have learned during their stay at Anatta recovery, the best rehabilitation centre in Kochi. Their positive physical, mental, and psychological transformation need to be applied in real-life situations in order to build healthy relations, develop a drug-free lifestyle, manage anger, and learn social skills.

    Start breaking a bad habit and form a new one

    Understanding Addiction

    Facilities and Amenities available at Anatta Recovery, advanced rehab centre in Kochi

    We understand the role of basic amenities which are required in effective rehabilitation programs, so that individuals do not face any discomfort during the treatment process:

    • Neat and clean rooms: Our rooms are spacious andwell equipped with air conditioners, almirah and comfortable furniture.
    • Nutritious food: Anatta Recovery, prestigious alcohol rehab centre in Kochi offers balanced diet which nourishes the body and mind completely. The meals consist of all the nutrients like carbohydrates, fibre, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.
    • Gym facility: The Gymnasium is well equipped with machineries and accessories which let the person exercise its complete body.
    • 24×7 supervision: As a responsible rehab in Kochi, we understand the critical situation of all the patients; hence we make sure that they are supervised 24×7. In case they get relapse due to uncertain triggers, we are there to take care of them.
    • Regular check-up: Our team of doctors regularly performs medical check-ups to track the health of patients and offer them the best treatment to curb disease.
    • Open lawn: The rehab centre comprises of open lawn which is full of greenery. Our team organizes regular meditation and yoga practices to calm down the cravings of patients and make him/her lead the peaceful life.

    What makes Anatta Recovery, the prestigious rehab centre in Kochi?

    Anatta Recovery must be your top choice when it comes to a rehab centre. Here is why?

    • Individual and Group therapy: Our talented team offers different kinds of therapies to drug, alcohol, food and gambling addicts through yoga therapy,individual therapy, group therapy, and even relapse prevention program treats patients adequately.
    • Focus on family too: The rehabilitation specialists restrict their focus not only on patients, but also offer family programs to educate the family members about the addiction problems, so that they can handle the addicts judiciously.
    • Dedication towards team members: The consultants, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, nurses and other staff members are highly professional and are committed towards the roles and duties at the centre.
    • Multiple specialties: As the leading rehabilitation centre in Kochi for alcohol and drugs, we offer multiple treatment options, like – adolescent addiction treatment, food addiction treatment, continuing care programs, and eating disorder treatment.
    • Leadership programmes: Anatta Recovery’s leadership team has an extensive knowledge and experience in the area of alcohol & drug addiction treatment. It focuses on creating programs and offering the best facilities to help patients achieve de-addiction stage comfortably.

    We maintain privacy and confidentiality of joinees:

    We understand that there is a social stigma regarding addiction treatment that prevails in today’s society, hence we maintain the privacy and confidentiality of patients. We make sure that the information about all the joints doesn’t get leaked. Their history is only shared with the medical staff. Even members are instructed not to share the private information of joinees with the outside world. So, be assured with Anatta Recovery, the best rehabilitation centre in Kochi, we never reveal the identity of a person during the full course tenure.


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