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    The Prestigious Drug Rehab Centre  In Ahmedabad

    Are you or your near and dear one is undergoing the most destructive phase of life due to drug or alcohol addiction? Are you fed up with the misery of the never-ending cycle of drug intake? Not to worry! Anatta Recovery is a comfortable drug rehabilitation centre in Ahmedabad which helps people transform their lives by offering a safe and serene homely environment to get you rid of the disease of addiction, making your life, family, and society more beautiful.  Anatta Recovery is a spiritual recovery centre that brings great changes towards the well-being of drug and alcohol dependents.

    What is the aim of Anatta Recovery, the best rehab centre in Ahmedabad?

    We aim at building a responsible individual who leaves the worse addictions and shifts their mindset towards a better side of life. Our excellent staff members continuously focus on building positive and hopeful grounds for all joiners. They motivate them to leave their addiction by strengthening their will power. Once the patients unshackle themselves from the chains of bondage of intoxication, they open the doors for a happy life and start pursuing their passions and get along with their families in the best way.

    Values of Anatta Recovery, a luxury rehab centre in Ahmedabad:

    • Love and Compassion: Our staff members truly relate to the patients. Instead of developing an ill-feeling towards them, we are compassionate towards them. We listen to their insecurities, fears & emotions and try motivating them to opt for de-addict life.
    • Courage: We take the responsibility of every patient with full courage. We don’t lose our hope easily, no matter what adverse kind of symptoms the patient is showing. We are courageous enough to get the person to leave the addiction even after he/she suffers from a lot of triggers.
    • Positivity: Beautiful things happen when someone distances himself/herself from negativity. Isn’t it? That’s what Anatta Recovery, a rehab centre in Ahmedabad believes in. We are confident about our therapies, sessions, and meditation practices. Gifting a life of esteem and happiness is our ultimate goal.

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    Understanding Addiction

    What is Drug Addiction?

    When a person is not able to stop himself/herself from consuming drugs inspite of desire to live without them is called drug addiction. Getting high, craving more for drugs and getting obsessed with them are the main characteristics that a person has become drug addict.

    Now, let’s understand the signs of Drug Addiction:

    Though different drug addiction symptoms are found in different people, but here are a few common symptoms. Please take a look:

    • • Extreme mood swings
    • • Violent behavior
    • • Unstable employment
    • • Disturbed sleeping
    • • Erratic eating habits
    • • Lying about substances
    • • Agitated behavior
    • • Negligence towards hygiene and sanitization

    The initial period of detoxification is quite intense for many patients. They experience the following withdrawal symptoms:

    • • Muscle aches
    • • Anxiety
    • • Runny nose
    • • Irritatable mood
    • • Watery eyes
    • • Muscle Aches

    How does drug detoxification programme takes place?

    The drug detoxification program is held from 2 weeks to 28 weeks. The detox process takes place under medical supervision that helps eradicate a lot of emotional and psychological issues. Whether it’s drug addiction or alcohol addiction, our friendly team helps you overcome your pain forever.

    Other treatments offered at Anatta Recovery, a luxury drug rehab centre:

    • Individual therapy: Patients work on a one-to-one basis with a therapist to address their current problems.
    • Group counseling: Patients get a sense of relaxation after sharing their experiences of struggle with a group of peers.
    • Family therapy: We talk to the family about the prevailing problems of patients and consult them on how to deal with the patient.
    • Medical services: Medical care helps patients overcome chronic illnesses and other disorders.
    • Educational classes: We educate patients about the bad effects of drugs and alcohol on the brain and body so that they do not get waivered from the path of de-addiction.
    • Life skills classes: Anatta recovery, a drug rehab centre in Ahmedabad teaches about how to keep with the normal responsibilities that people struggle to feel more in control and they are less likely to turn to drugs and alcohol.
    • Aftercare planning: After completion of the private program, the recovery team devises a plan to help patients remain on the path of de-addiction by organizing regular workshops.

    Medical Care and detoxification process at Anatta Recovery, drug rehab centre in Ahmedabad

    We prioritize the clinical needs of our clients, especially during the early days of the treatment program. Our medical care system ensures a well-planned detox and clinical assistance to help clients overcome alcohol and drug addiction. The detox program brings psychological healing firstly through stabilization, and then through a period of detoxification. Becomes a drug addict, the patient often finds himself in a critical state of health. He suffers from a lot of diseases like – strokes, hypertension, fatty liver, hepatitis – C, and various other problems.

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