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To provide long lasting treatment to your loved ones from drug & alcohol addiction, destination treatment is an ideal option. Fill the form below and we will help you find the best destination for your loved one’s treatment.

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    Delhi is the home to a mix of the complete country. With a diverse range of cultures living in this city, the way drug and alcohol treatment is executed is also quite diverse. Delhi is the second largest city in the sub-continent, accommodating nearly 12 million people of the total population. If greater boundaries like NCR region is included, it makes the count approximately 22 million.

    One of the challenges families that face addiction issues face is finding the right rehabilitation centre in delhi that offers the right treatment solution for their loved ones. While there are several drug rehabilitation centres in delhi given its large population, not all of them may be suitable for you. Most rehab centres usually are little more than forced or non-voluntary centres. Or they provide medically assisted treatment.

    Both of these are not what we believe your loved ones should have to go through.

    With a population larger than many countries, it is obvious that the consumption of alcohol or drug would rise drastically. But fortunately there are many healthcare facilities that provide expert, addiction specific treatment and counseling.

    What Is Addiction

    Addiction is a destructive health condition, which causes unmanaged capability and agony in addict’s life. Drug and alcohol addiction is essentially described as one’s need to use any psychedelic substance to modify or change the mood. In order to achieve a pleasing mood and twist the reality to something less painful and more delightful, the patient resorts to a quicker or instant way by abusing drug or alcohol.

    Addiction is a form or uncontrollable urge that a person who has been taking drugs or consuming a toxic substance for some time feels. The only solution when someone becomes an addict is to find the right rehab centre in delhi and voluntarily admit him for treatment.

    Addiction Comes In Various Forms:

    The mainstream type of addiction is of alcohol in which the person loses control and gets frequently indulged in intoxication to more than the body limit allows.

    The second most common type of addiction is of drugs and prescription drugs. It often begins from one and then leads to continuous need for more hindering the normal life processes drastically.

    The third type is in which people living with an addict, whether they are friends, family or spouse, get subconsciously affected by their addiction. Even with a motive to help them leave the addiction, they tend to take paths that are not righteous which lead to guilt and remorse. This slowly develops the condition of co-dependency in them.

    Confused How To Get Help in Delhi
    For Your Loved One’s Addiction?

    Understanding Addiction

    Drug And Alcohol Addiction Situation In Delhi

    Substance abuse has been a major concern for Delhi for last 20 years. The state is struggling with the menace created by drugs like opium, morphine, heroin, ganja, hashish, cocaine, etc. According to NCRB data 2012, Punjab topped the list followed by Delhi. Realizing the severity of the problem and the need to counteract it, government and voluntary institutions have come up with several addiction rehab centers in almost every state.

    Delhi, being the capital of the country has become the center point of people suffering from addiction. Hence, the city has become a hub for best rehabilitation centres in Delhi NCR. The ultimate aim of a rehabilitation center is to recover the addicts from substance abuse and heal them completely.

    Alcohol and drug use is largely common in both rural and urban India. According to various studies conducted on the subject almost 23% to 74% males in general consume alcohol and abuse substances. And when it comes to addictive abuse rate in India, our National Capital is not at all left behind. An ever growing rate of substance menace has crippled Delhi for last few decades.

    Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation
    Centre In Delhi

    Drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities are easily accessible in the state of Delhi NCR. The process of treatment for substance abuse adheres to creating the abstinence from the addiction and ensuring the holistic functionality of the patient’s personal life and emotional balance. The first and foremost step towards recovery is recognizing the negative impact of the addiction on their life. For some people the treatment of the addiction disorder might last a life-time.

    Long-term treatment systems are difficult, but the plan for treatment might often change to meet the need of the patient. By analyzing the severity of the addiction, duration of use and physical condition after abuse phase, the treatment duration is decided.

    Diagnosis, detoxification and cognitive therapy is the basic process, which is followed by mostly all the Rehabilitation Centres In Delhi NCR. Many de-addiction centres in Delhi NCR facilities also equip addicts with lifestyle training and job skills that will help them with their career and become self-sufficient.  Rehabilitation Centre In Delhi also consider confidentiality as a priority for better addiction treatment.

    Best Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi

    If you or someone you love needs help with addiction or is suffering from a Drug or Alcohol addiction in Delhi or Substance Abuse, there is help available. Anatta Recovery Centre Delhi is committed to provide you everything possible to ensure that each and every patients receive the best treatment for a full recovery and a renewed ability to lead a meaningful and rewarding life. With the help of High quality medical care and highly professional staff, our aim is to improve your life by helping you quit drinking alcohol and stop using drugs. Our treatment programs are Residential, Non medical and client specific.

    Destination Treatment Is The Right Choice

    When it comes to getting your loved one’s treated for drug and alcohol addiction, the first and biggest obstacles is the societal pressure. That is why, people prefer to keep addiction treatment as confidential as possible. One effective way of ensuring confidentiality is destination treatment.

    Delhi being the nation’s capital can offer a strict confidential and single client specific treatment platform to your loved one. With multiple metro city features imbibed in it, people from all over the world are coming here for their treatment as they get easily accommodated in Delhi.


    Q. Does Anatta have a drug rehabilitation centre in Delhi?

    A. As we mentioned earlier, Anatta approach to drug de-addiction treatment is completely voluntary. Our voluntary aspect of counselling also takes into account the patient’s aversion or fondness for particular cities while deciding the treatment centre. We believe that the patient has to be in the right frame of mind and calm to successfully be treated.

    Q. Does Anatta provide alcohol rehabilitation?

    A. Yes. One of the main de-addiction treatments that’s we provide are for alcohol de-addiction. Our alcohol rehabilitation centre in delhi and in other locations are well equipped with the right luxurious ambience that can help your loved ones get treated in the right manner. If you are looking for a alcohol rehabilitation centre in Delhi, please get in touch with us.

    Q. Does Anatta have a rehab centre in Delhi?

    A. Anatta works on the philosophy that the place of treatment for an addict is a choice that should be left taking several things into consideration including the nature of environment of the patient, family issues, access and other criteria. During our initial assessment, we provide the best recommendation of our rehab centre in delhi or in other locations.

    15 Years’ Experience in Treating Drug & Alcohol Addiction in Delhi

    The treatment to any kind of addiction should begin as soon as possible and to do that, you will require support from an expert. Simply fill in the form and one of our specialists will contact you to give all the support.

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      Best Rehabilitation Centre In Delhi

      Destination Treatment

      To help someone become addiction free, it is important to ensure their comfort during the recovery phase. Rehabilitation Centre In Delhi offers multiple features which help you ensure complete recovery of your loved ones:

      • Being the capital of India, it has the highest infrastructure and equipment support for treatment
      • Best Rehabilitation Centre In Delhi boast about their single client specific addiction treatment capabilities
      • It offers one of the most confidential yet comfortable addiction rehabilitation
      • Delhi is recommended by international addiction consultants for destination treatment
      • There are multiple life-altering therapies available co-dependency treatment