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Begin Recovery With Alternate Life Therapy

Ludhiana has great offerings in terms of alternate life therapy for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Fill the form below to get expert consultation for your favorite destination.

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    Drug Addiction is not cool, neither your body nor your mind is going to get any benefit out of it. Rather it will take you towards the dark side and will leave you all alone in the negative space. So, it is better to start working on it.

    At our centre, we treat patients with the latest and advanced medical technologies. All our counseling and therapy sessions transform the thinking patterns of patients in a positive manner and motivate them to lead a happy and healthy life with the family. The various types of medical therapies are highly effective and save the life from dreadful evil.

    Anatta Recovery, Luxury Rehab Centre at Ludhiana should be your top choice

    Anatta Recovery at Ludhiana comes at a good ranking whenever we talk about the best luxury rehab centre at Ludhiana. We offer individualized treatment plans for the patients as per their symptoms and mindset. Our faculty is well educated, experienced, and certified. They have much experience in dealing with people having addictions. The attitude of staff members is empathetic, compassionate, and sensitive. The equipment to treat patients is technologically advanced.

    Anatta Recovery, a rehab centre in Ludhiana organizes Individual therapy, peer support meetings, and family therapy sessions. Other treatment process includes yoga and nutritional counseling, meditation and mindfulness, relapse prevention education, and aftercare planning.

    The best rehabilitation centre in Ludhiana helps patients to get serious for a career and keep learning new things in life. This helps reduce the amount of stress in the patient’s life and keeps him/her stay from relapsing.

    Doctors and counselors support the patients towards making goals for themselves. Patients get committed to themselves and the loved ones that they will work towards bringing positive change in their lives.

    Early diagnosis makes the treatment faster
    Identify Signs

    Understanding Addiction

    Anatta Recovery, prestigious drug rehab centre in Ludhiana

    In order to help patients overcome denial and opt for healthy choices and commitments, doctors educate students about the consequences and effects of drug abuse and addiction. Patients learn about the effects of drugs on their bodies and get self-motivated to bring a revolutionary change in their lifestyle.

    Our outpatient facility allows patients to test themselves and apply sobriety skills they acquire in a real-life setting and deal with it by themselves. At the time of release, the patients undergo final assessments and additional advice is given to them.

    The practitioners at Anatta Recovery, an alcohol rehabilitation centre in Ludhiana keep in touch with the patients and motivate them to stay on the path of an addiction-free life. The patients are prepared to resume their past job, rebuild relationships with family and friends. They are also inspired to plan to spend a lovely time with children and pets.

    We organize alumni participation too. During this phase of the drug addiction treatment process at Anatta Recovery, former patients meet and build relationships with the current patients. Together they celebrate victory over drug & alcohol addictions and get inspired by each other.

    Drug Addiction Treatment Process at Anatta Recovery, Ludhiana

    Here at Anatta Recovery, one of the top-notch drug rehab centre in Ludhiana offers an effective drug addiction treatment process. Let’s look at it step by step.

    • Admissions:  The patients contact Anatta Recovery, a luxury rehab centre in Ludhiana and get themselves enrolled at a treatment facility. It is the first step towards your peaceful life. So contact us today to start the process.
    • Administrative process:  The staff makes sure that the patient doesn’t bring any forbidden items such as – weapons or drugs into the facility. The safety and sobriety of patients are also protected.
    • Assessment process:  The addictions of patients are traced and their mental health is mapped so that a customized recovery plan can be designed to maximize the patient’s chances of success.
    • In-house treatment and care:  Here at Anatta Recovery, one of the trustworthy best rehabilitation centres in Ludhiana help patients learn about their addictions and triggers. The centre provides the right knowledge, and skills to be free from all sorts of negative addictions.

    Excellent team at Anatta Recovery, best alcohol drug rehab centre in Ludhiana

    Drug addiction is like a devil and we execute extraordinary efforts like emotional counseling and other behavioral treatments to encourage transformation in patients’ personalities. Our team shows an empathetic and acceptable temperament towards the patients to let them become comfortable with us. We take them towards the path of spirituality which brings peace and tranquility within them. Our yoga and meditation experts teach yogic practices in the laps of serene nature, taking away all your stress and allowing you to recover and regrow.


    Get Help In Bringing Your Loved Ones Back From Addictions

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