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Addiction Recovery – Meditation & Yoga for Healing


Practice of Meditation in Recovery

What is meditation? Meditation is not sitting with closed “concentrating” on the breath or something. Let us try an experiment—close your eyes and be “aware” of the breathing that is happening in your body. It is an involuntary process. Be aware of it through the rise and fall of your abdomen for a few moments. Open your eyes. Were there any thoughts in your mind for that time? No? You just experienced a state of meditation. This state of ‘no mind’ is the state of meditation .Regular practice of different techniques takes us to that state and eventually we realize that we take life moment to moment and respond instead of reacting.

Meditation techniques are a bridge towards actual meditation. They are very scientific and developed over centuries by those who have attained. They have been developed based on pure experience and observations of being aware and taking us beyond emotions.

Here, we are going to discuss few forms of meditation that might propel the recovery process and help bring the inner peace:

  • Guided Meditation – This kind of meditation is generally practiced in the initial stage and also practiced in the yoga sessions. This form of gazing meditation stimulates you to keep your eyes open and focus on a particular single object like – a candle or an image.
  • Body Relaxing Meditation – This particular type of meditation calms your physiology and also brings composure in different parts of the body and also helps improve self-awareness.
  • Nature Walk – Yes, just walking silently in a serene and verdant environment is one form of meditation.
  • Sound Meditation – This form of meditation encourages one to calmly focus on a specific sound or mantra to focus the thoughts and quiet the mind.

Practice of Yoga in Recovery

Yoga is another very important method that has proven to be very effective in addiction recovery. Yoga also helps to overcome stress, and brings back the lost sense in balance for addiction recovery individuals. The word “Yoga” is derived from Sanskrit word ‘Yog’ means unite. Yoga also strengthens the bridge between your body, mind and spirit. This unity is often broken, when a person become addicted to substances, which tend to numb thoughts, feelings, and mind-body awareness.

Yoga is a physical and spiritual practice that helps increase strength and flexibility. Just like meditation, yoga too helps calm a stressful mind, and lower the heart rate and blood pressure, and also lower the level of anxiety and depression.

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As you start practicing yoga, the benefits can be witnessed immediately. Here, we will discuss a few types of yoga and their benefits –


  • Improves body stretches like – hips, ankles and thighs
  • Reduces stress and fatigue
  • Relaxes front-body muscles
  • Stretches back muscles


  • Calms brain and relieve stress and depression
  • Relaxes the body
  • Reduces headache, fatigue, and insomnia
  • Helps lower the blood pressure

Supta Baddha Konasana

  • Vitalize abdominal organs
  • Stimulates the general circulation of blood
  • Stretches the lower body part
  • Relieve stress and mild depression


  • Stretches shoulders, chest, and abdominal muscles
  • Strengthens back portion of body
  • Increases physical flexibility
  • Elevates mood

Active meditations enable this catharsis to take place in a guided manner making way for an experience of a meditative state.

Science is still in a fledgling stage to discover the actual Meditative state. However, the individual experience of the state is the only proof required.

When it comes to addiction recovery treatment, a combination of meditation and yoga increases the beneficial effects on body and mind. A regular practice of yoga and meditation can help individuals under recovery, overcome unpleasant feelings and depression, release resentment and anxiety, and also get rid of pessimistic thoughts by invoking positivity. All these benefits contribute to a complete recovery of mind, body and spirit.

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