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When it comes to your loved one’s addiction treatment, take them to a destination country to give them a fresh environment. Fill the form below and we will help you find your ideal destination.

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    15 Years
    Of Addiction

    Centre in Pune

    Pune is one of the most peaceful cities in India. With lush green valley giving relief to the eyes, the moderately climate gives comfort to the soul. This makes Pune one of the most comfortable spots for destination addiction treatment.

    The base of any treatment revolves around the need of the patient. A healthcare specialist diagnose the condition of the patient and prepare a tailor made treatment process. This course of action is followed because different individual struggles with unique symptoms and issues, so a single client specific addiction treatment plan is quite important.

    Our oldest rehabilitation centre is in Pune where our patients have been treated for several years. There is an exquisite bungalow tucked away in beautiful surroundings on top of a hill with all the luxurious infrastructure required for treatment purposes. So if you are looking for a treatment centre in Pune, look no further.

    What Is Drug & Alcohol Addiction

    According to National Institute on Drug Abuse, addiction is complex and chronic mental disease. A deliberate choice to abuse alcohol or drugs gradually becomes a compulsive behavior that triggers a person to abuse substance of his/her choice at all cost. Addiction develops an uncontrollable craving for alcohol or drugs. If left untreated addiction might result in in horrifying withdrawal symptoms.

    Our rehab centre in Pune has over the years helped in the treatment and de-addiction of several clients. Most clients who have come to Anatta have been addicted to either alcohol, drugs or prescription drugs. Our alcohol rehabilitation centre in Pune is acknowledged as one of the finest in the country with our team of counsellors present in-house

    Addiction can be an extremely dangerous and challenging habit to form. It happens when one is no longer able to control himself or herself from consuming harmful substances despite knowing that the consumption is only increasingly driving the person down the addiction path.

    Symptoms Of Addiction Are Categorized In 4 Types:

    Impaired behavior: An active and uncontrollable urge to drink or use drugs or alcohol abusively without thought of conscience.

    Social issues: People with an addiction tend to isolate themselves in the dwellings of drugs or other mediums dramatically affecting their social relationships.

    Risk factor: Any addict poses a great risk to his/her health which they stop considering due to the utopia of influence.

    Additional factors: Numerous drug and alcohol users experience co-occurring cognitive illness as addiction triggers the underlying mental health issues. They also give birth to co-dependency in their loved ones.

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    Understanding Addiction

    Drug And Alcohol Addiction In

    Addiction causes behavioral disorder, as substances abuse affects the brain wiring the most. This very impact on brain initiates the uncontrollable urge to use or drink. Brain imaging studies of an addicted individual have shown the particular changes one go under the influence of drug or alcohol. The changes are noticed in the areas, which are related to decision making, learning, judgment and behavior control.

    Pune has the highest relapse rate in India of 20-25%. Over 1.5 lakh people have registered into rehabilitation centers in the last 10 years. Pune is known mainly for its rapid industrialization and IT boom where many top companies are expanding business here. The city has developed the higher education sector as well with many top Universities and B-Schools.

    However, even with such a glorious situation, Pune has been today in the forefront of increasing drug addiction cases. Moreover, all these have become a significant reason for concern for the local administration and police as here most victims are the youth especially college students.

    Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation
    Centre In Pune

    As drug and alcohol addiction has become a burning cause in Pune, government has taken many initiatives and also many recovery organizations working constantly to improve the society. A Rehab centres in Pune provide a range of different therapeutic treatment options and counseling for recovery. It is very important to seek expert help for drug or alcohol addiction treatment in order to get over the situation return to a normal life.

    A number of rehab centers in Pune employ qualified counselors and medical staffs to help the abusers get rid of their destructive habits. It’s very natural have skepticism and dilemma regarding enrolling into a rehab center, but this type of engrossed treatment is needed. A drug free environment and educating oneself about the skillset to cope with addiction is ideal for a rapid and successful recovery.

    Pune specializes in the co-dependency treatment too. It has special alternate life therapies to help and support the family members as well as the addicts. Co-dependency is a growing point of concern in India and the treatment centers in Pune are dedicatedly addressing it.

    Best Rehabilitation Centre in Pune

    Finding the right rehabilitation centre in Pune to help you or a loved one to reach recovery is a difficult task. We at Anatta Recovery, one of the best rehabilitation centre in Pune, offers a wide variety of rehabilitation programs—including drug & alcohol addiction treatment, substance abuse treatment, co-dependency treatment, dual diagnosis and destination treatment. Our treatment programs are Residential, Non-medical and single client specific because we know that every patient has different treatment needs.

    Single, Client Specific & Confidential Rehabilitation Centre in Pune

    One must understand that addictions don’t mean a full stop on one’s life. With proper treatment, care and rehabilitation, one can stand back on his own feet and normalcy can be brought back into the users’ life. Lastly, every individual’s recovery journey is unique, marked with own triumphs and failures.

    The duration of every individual’s journey varies, and that’s okay. But, to treat it efficiently and comfortable, it is best to go for single client specific and confidential treatment away from your home country. Rehab Centre in Pune is not only welcoming people who want to get their loved ones rehabilitated, but also provides value-added rehab programs to support them in getting back to the normalcy of life.


    15 Years’ Experience Of Helping People Live Addiction Free

    The treatment to any kind of addiction should begin as soon as possible and to do that, you will require support from an expert. Simply fill in the form and one of our specialists will contact you to give all the support.

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      Best Rehabilitation Centre In Pune for Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

      It is important to ensure your loved one’s comfort during the recovery phase. Pune is rapidly becoming an internationally renowned location for addiction treatment for the following reasons:

      • Surrounded by hills on one side and the sea on the other, it is the most scenic environment
      • The moderately cold climate makes recovery quite comfortable for your loved one
      • Considering the societal situation in India, confidentiality is kept as top priority for clients
      • Pune is one of the most famous single client specific addiction treatment spots
      • It is exclusively famous for co-dependency treatment to a worldwide audience

      FAQs About Leading Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Pune

      A. Yes. We do. Our rehab centre in Pune is our oldest treatment facility. It is spread across 3 independent luxurious bungalows to allow for complete privacy and confidentiality during the treatment process.

      A. Extremely successful. Till date we have had a 100% success rate in treating all our clients. This is due to the fact that our process is 100% voluntary and non-medical. Our counselors are trained in helping and guiding our patients walk the path back to sobriety. The starting point of which is our insistence that all our client admissions are 100% voluntary.

      A. Yes of course they do! Our Pune facilities are our oldest facilities. It is where Anatta’s roots began and till today continues to be strong. Our drug rehabilitation centre in Pune is spread over 3 independent luxurious self-sustaining bungalows that afford complete privacy, confidentiality to our clients. We do not encourage or allow clients to interact with each other in a group situation. Our counsellors live for the duration of the treatment with our client’s so that they are able to give personal, un-divided attention to the treatment needs of each client.