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Dry Drunk Syndrome

10 Warning Signs of Alcohol Abuse: How to Identify It

It is really difficult to be objective, when it comes to evaluate, whether someone is a problem drinker or alcohol abuser. When it comes down to your loved one or yourself, it becomes even more difficult to figure out. The emotions are high and denials lead the confusion even far, where it seems hard to sketch a line between what is acceptable and what is way too far. However, the boundaries are blurry when it comes to determining the seriousness of the addiction. Issues with alcohol consumptions are mainly classified in two categories – problem drinking and alcohol dependency. Problem drinkers are not completely alcohol addicted, but gradually drinking habits get worse and starts to take a toll on their lifestyle and they are under a greater risk of becoming an addict later. Some of the signs of alcoholism are technically for problem drinking, but there is a lot of fuzz around the signs, and labeling addiction is a matter of concern.

10 Most Important Things To Notice Whether Someone Is Suffering From Alcohol Addiction


  • 1. Hiding Or Lying About Drinking: Denial is a prime problem with people having alcohol dependency or problem drinking. In this case, both types of drinkers – alcoholics and problem drinkers tend to lie about their drinking habits or hide it, to make it seem like less of an issue. Anybody apart from the individual would find it difficult to spot the problem. Due to its very nature, this is one of the most severe signs to look out for.
  • 2. Drinking To Relax Or Unwind: Almost everyone, who is struggling with addiction, abuses their substances of choice for emotional issues. They use alcohol as a means to ease negative feelings like – depression, anxiety, or stress. The remedy the substances provide is entirely temporary, and it certainly makes things worse in the future. If a stressful day leads you to drink more or you feel that only alcohol can help you to really relax, it is one of the most important signs that you are using alcohol as emotional support.

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  • 3. Regular Black Outs: Drinking in such a manner that you lose all memory of what happened is another red signal of alcohol dependency. To define it simply, you have drunk way too much than normal. If you notice this happening to you (or someone else), you should raise the question – what is driving you to drink so extremely? Because no one needs to be blacked out in order to enjoy.
  • 4. Unable To Stop: If you always finish a bottle of alcohol or wine, once its opened or you consume all the beers in the house, once you’ve finished one. This is an indication that you are not entirely in control of your drinking and this might be a stepping stone for addiction.
  • 5. Drinking In Alarming Conditions: Drinking when the situation is not favorable – like before leaving for work, before driving, drinking even after your physician’s instruction or while on medication – can be an important signal for alcohol dependency. Even if nothing has gone wrong yet, each time you do something of this sort it increases a greater risk of serious ramifications. Taking this risk on a regular basis implies strongly that alcohol is the prime priority in your life.
  • 6. Ignoring Responsibilities: if you are neglecting your professional duties, skipping studies, or omitting your household responsibilities for your drinking habits, you are evidently having problems. Sighting these problems leads to the conclusion that alcohol has crossed the boundaries from occasional indulgence to something that jeopardizes your regular lifestyle.
  • 7. Troubled Relationship: This point is the most important reason in many ways. If your drinking is inducing complications with your family, your spouse, your closest friends, or colleagues, then it’s a sign that alcohol is a larger preference than even the most valuable relationships in your life. This symptom is a first and general sign of any addiction and might indicate that your abuse has crossed the line of problem drinking.
  • 8. Increased Tolerance: Tolerance is one of the most substantial indications of addiction. So, if you can consume alcohol more than you used to do before, or you need to drink a greater amount in order to get drunk, then it definitely is an important sign that you are on the path of becoming an alcoholic. This is also proof that your body is exposed to alcohol on a regular basis, and it has learned to adapt to it better than before.
  • 9. Withdrawal Symptom: Withdrawal is the opposite symptom of a hangover. This symptom is noticed during the lack of alcohol instead of too much alcohol. If you start feeling irritated, anxious, depressed, tired, or nauseous without consuming alcohol, then there is a huge possibility that you are experiencing withdrawal. Apart from emotional complications, you might have different physical disputes, such as – sleeping troubles, trembling, losing appetite, having shakiness, etc.
  • 10. Unable To Quit: This point comes last. If you have restored the realization that your drinking has become a severe problem and tried to change the habit but have been unsuccessful, then you should consider additional help without any delay. Deciding to drop alcohol consumption is proof that you understand the negative impact of alcohol in your life. But if you have been abortive in the try that means there is a colossal chance you are struggling with addiction.

It is very essential to keep in mind that noticing any one of these symptoms does not necessarily mean you are an alcoholic. However, if you see numerous signs in you (or in any loved one), there is an immense possibility that you are leading towards being an addict.

The road ahead might not be easy. But one day, deciding to get help would change your life for better.

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