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    Drug and alcohol addictions occur after repeated drug and alcohol consumption. It changes a person’s brain function over a period of time. Such a person has no control over his/her senses.His/her constant cravings push the person to consume it, again and again, in spite of knowing its negative consequences. Some people are more vulnerable to this in comparison to others due to various possible risk factors. The main factor behind drug and alcohol abuse is the stressful early life experiences, such as being abused or suffering from other traumas in early life.

    Mainly adolescents with a history of physical or sexual abuse are found more substance addicted. Other risk factors include prenatal exposure to alcohol or others, genetic vulnerability, lack of parental supervision, or association with drug-using peers. At the same time, a wide range of environmental and genetic influences promote strong resilience and psychosocial development to balance risk factors.

    Symptoms of drug and alcohol addiction

    A person feels like consuming drugs/alcohol several times a day. The intense urges don’t allow the person to think about any other thought. Gradually, the dose of alcohol and drugs gets increased. During this stage, a person doesn’t feel like meeting obligations and work responsibilities. He/she also cuts back on social or recreational activities because a person starts enjoying isolation the most.

    Other symptoms include changes in physical and psychological aspects like – dry mouth, red eyes, decreased co-ordination, weight gain/loss, lack of energy, drowsiness, changes in mood, a sense of feeling high, anxiety, exaggerated cravings at unusual times, difficulty concentrating/remembering something and slower reaction time. Major lifestyle changes are also noticed where a person starts missing out on schools and colleges on a frequent basis. A person starts getting secretive about where does he/she go, he/she suddenly starts requesting money or steal money to buy drugs and alcohol. Lack of interest in grooming and clothing is also noticed.

    Here at Anatta Recovery, the best rehabilitation centre in Kanpur, we assess the person’s symptoms minutely and suggest effective therapy and counseling.

    Drug Addiction destroys lives and
    harms society

    Understanding Addiction

    Remedial services to overcome drug and alcohol abuse at Anatta Recovery, prestigious rehab centre in Kanpur

    In individual therapy, our medical health professional conducts one-to-one sessions with the client to acquire insight, self-knowledge, and a stronger sense of identity. The psychologist talks to clients about their uncomfortable emotions, thoughts, insecurities, or behaviors. The individual session can touch many aspects and focus on various subjects like – interpersonal relationships, recovery progress, barriers to sobriety, and integrating new coping mechanisms. The medical experts motivate them to shun drug and alcohol addiction through their willpower.

    During Group therapy sessions, people learn new coping techniques and gain hope and strength from their peers. People meet men and women who suffer from the same struggles related to substance disorders. Each and every person in a group is asked to speak and convey their feelings. Subjects on whom group therapy is organized are education on addiction, managing triggering situations, managing difficult emotions, like – guilt, anger, loneliness, shame, or resentment. Managing cravings, practicing assertiveness, and maintaining relationships are also the major topics on which group therapy sessions can be held.

    Behavioral therapies offered at Anatta Recovery, rehab centre in Kanpur

    Cognitive therapy is one of the widely used therapies in the field of addiction treatment. In CBT, therapists help clients to change problematic behaviors by assisting them in finding negative and unproductive thoughts. During this therapy, clients learn new coping skills that help them reduce the risk of relapse.

    We also offer Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) to help patients recover from chronically suicidal feelings. DPT is successfully applied which assists patients to enhance their motivation to change, build self-acceptance, and reduce alcohol and drug abuse. It’s a really effective therapy that helps relieve anxiety and depression by teaching clients how to relax at the moment. These simple mindfulness exercises help clients to cope up with destructive urges and hard-to-control emotions.

    Motivational interviewing is another therapeutic technique that permits patients to feel undecided regarding their decisions. This therapy encourages clients to become sober and adopt a positive patterns of thinking.

    Life after Alcohol and Drug Rehab

    After completing detoxification and inpatient rehabilitation, the patient gets back to normal life. This includes friends, work, family, and hobbies. Getting in touch with the same environment, chances are that a person might develop a drug addiction. Hence, it is important that the drug rehab centre in Kanpur must regularly organize support group meetings, doctors’ visits, therapy, and new ways to cope up with the stress-relieving activities.

    The recovered patients must be invited for occasional group activities like – playing a sport, taking dance sessions, volunteering, attending conventions, playing a video game, and learn to play an instrument. Here at Anatta Recovery, world-class rehab in Kanpur, we motivate patients to build a routine like – getting up early, attend school/college/office, meditate, and sleep on time.


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