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Addiction Treatment in California

Addiction can be defined as a disease wherein the individual depends on the stimulus from an external source such as drug and/or alcohol, in order to receive a high. This disease is a multi-faceted one, wherein the individual has no control, and has an uncontrollable urge to use. It affects an individual on multiple levels, be it physical, mental and emotional. The heightened stimulus becomes their new normal and forces the person to use higher stronger doses. This turns into an uncontrollable and vicious cycle.

Addiction used to be seen as something bad and taboo, almost as if it is an inherent flaw in the individual, and though it mostly and mainly a self-inflicted decision, it should not be disregarded. Often times an individual opts for drugs and/or alcohol due to an underlying cause, and thus addiction is deeply linked to psychological diseases too. To be clear, this condition occurs when a person continues to do something despite knowing that it will have an adverse impact on his or her life. Because of the various causes and triggers, there are many different types of addictions.

Addiction recovery requires time, patience, forgiveness and willpower. It is a slower process for some compared to the others. Therefore it is important to receive the right kind of treatment.  Improper care and treatment of addiction can lead to more harm than good; the sudden changes in the body can lead to detrimental effects. Moreover, even going cold turkey suddenly does no good. All this only leads to withdrawal. The characteristics of withdrawal depend on what drug is being discontinued. Symptoms may include anxiety, fatigue, sweating, vomiting, depression, seizures and hallucinations. Thus, treatment includes supportive care as well as medication to address symptoms and prevent complications.

Fortunately, addictions today are not being seen as an inherent flaw in the patient, it is increasingly been seen for what it really is, that is a disease. Today considering rehab as an option to treat and cure addiction is not frowned or shied upon, in fact, it is encouraged.

The sad reality is that drug and other illicit substances and their intake has increased drastically, and the same holds for the sunny state of California. California though is often called as the “Golden State”, the situation with respect to drug and alcohol abuse is quite bleak.  Drug and Alcohol addiction in California is a major cause for concern as drug and/or alcohol addictions are becoming increasingly common.  With nearly 8% of California’s total population is meeting the criteria for substance use disorder, and out of that only 10% of the people with a dependence disorder are receiving any form of treatment. With nearly 40,000 patients in the emergency room due to drug related issues, rehab is a common choice in the state to achieve sobriety.

In order to treat addiction, one of the best solutions is admission into a rehab facility. A rehab or residential rehabilitation is a drug and/or alcohol treatment program, that are abstinence based and provide an intensive program of support and care-giving for addicts. There is a new understanding on the importance of healing from within, and therefore, rehabs today are preparing for their patients in the best possible manner.

The state offers many rehabs in California, and they have a treatment program for everyone. California is one of the most popular destinations for substance abuse treatment in the U.S.  The state provides several schemes too, to push forward sobriety and ensure that its citizens do not abuse anymore. The state offers subsidized rehab in California too! Or others can opt for discounts or other incentives that arise from the various anti-drug and alcohol bills in the state.

There currently are nearly 1200 registered rehabs in California; each offering unique methods to help a patient start their own road to recovery. And since California is the home to glitz and glam, there are several luxury rehab centers in California, these aim to provide to be admitted patients with top class services, rather than mundane looking rehab centers. Today rehab is more than just recovery, it is about holistic healing; it is about turning over a new leaf, and starting afresh. Today rehabs in California use various models to help treat individuals, and these are modeled or customized according to their needs.

Today some rehabs in California have amenities that match or even surpass those offered by five-star hotels. They provide abundant options to rejuvenate; there are sprawling and lush lawns, scenic views, plush interiors, recreational areas such as gyms, pools, clubhouses, etc.

With an abundance of opportunities, it is only now the individuals’ choice to find the correct fit for them; a rehab that matches the patient’s personal recovery goals. Finding that is only a matter of time and a little bit of research effort.  A good rehab will feel like a well-fitting glove, it will motivate and show you that light at the end of the tunnel that you are truly seeking.

If you or someone you know- like a friend or family member who requires treatment for addiction, Anatta Recovery can be the answer. Anatta Recovery is one of the leading luxury rehab centers in California. It provides recovery options through residential, non-medical methods, specializing in Alternative Life Programs, for those who want to recover and live a life free of substance dependence.

Anatta is a luxury rehab center based on voluntary, non- medical, client- specific, one on one programs, where you gain the tools to deal with these unresolved issues through compassionate, individualized, holistic coaching in a lavish ambience.

It was founded in 2004, by a person in recovery along with a psychiatrist; Anatta today has joined hands with renowned physicians, counselors and healthcare professionals who aid the patient to recovery.  As a result, Anatta promotes and supports a treatment program, where we deal with emotional counseling and other behavioral treatments like – Meditation, Counseling, Introspective writing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

In addition, other healing routes also blend in, to facilitate the growth of an individual in order to encourage a transformation that leads to not finding the need to use /drink any substance whether drugs or alcohol.

Anatta provides a compassionate, accepting, non-judgmental environment, wherein help is available 24/7. It encourages an individual to accept oneself and deal with one’s issues in a harmonious environment that facilitates the desire to not find the need to drink/use. Anatta specializes is destination treatment that allows the individual to recover and regrow away from the hustle and bustle, in peace and tranquility. Recovering in the laps of serene nature, in luxurious comfort, away from one’s day to day stress, enables faster results, and greater peace of mind, as one does not have to worry about the additional external pressure they may face from those rooting for them, because recovery is a process that has its good and bad days, thus having its own ups and downs.

The fact that rehabilitation is gaining normalcy and has been seen as an important route towards addiction recovery is indeed a refreshing change. Each individual facing the disease of addiction goes through their own journey, and have different experiences. The only commonality that all patients express is the need for constant positive support of family and trained professionals. The support is the key ingredient for recovery, and these luxury rehabilitation centers will do the remaining job.

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