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Top 10 Best Rehabilitation Centre In India 2021

Addiction doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t ‘ask’ your gender, class or caste, anyone can be the ‘target’. It is moreover psychological and physical helplessness. A person cannot control the urge of using drugs or alcohol. This desire for substance abuse slowly but surely becomes unstoppable for the person. A patient-facing addiction abuse needs the right support and help from both, family and experts to restore life which is substance and alcohol-free.

The luxury rehab facility is one of the best places to treat drug and alcohol addiction. Addict’s personal and professional lives get the suffering Studies have suggested that many people have to suffer in their professional lives too as they could not find the right support system to beat addiction.

The idea of the right support system comes from both the places – family as well as a rehab center. An addict requires support consciously or sub-consciously. If he gets the help at right time then it will be easier to get over from addiction. But if help takes time to reach him then needless to state that it will longer process to heal him.

But this blog has made it easy for you by providing top 10 rehabilitation centers in India.

List of Best 10 Luxury Rehab Centers in India

1. Anatta Recovery

Anatta Recovery is one of the leading luxury rehabilitation centers in India. It offers homely yet professional recovery methods through residential, non-medical methods, specializing in Alternative Life Programs, for those who want to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Founded in 2004, by an individual along with a psychiatrist. Today, it has collaborated with many famous physicians, counsellors and mental healthcare professionals who support the patient through his/her treatment.

Anatta Recovery promotes a well-organized treatment program, where we deal with emotional counselling and other behavioral treatments like –

Meditation – Anatta Recovery guides the patient through his fear and resentments through meditation and yoga techniques. This supports the addict mentally to quit the addiction.

Counselling – This process of counselling enables a client to evolve and look for a brighter perspective in life. It is done by one-on-one basis by experts who have collective professional experience of more than 100 years.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – CBT is a form of psychological treatment that has been demonstrated to be effective for a range of problems including depression, anxiety disorders, alcohol and drug use problems, marital problems, eating disorders and severe mental illness.

Anatta Recovery provides an empathetic, accepting, easy-going environment, wherein help is available 24/7. It inspires an individual to accept oneself in a peaceful environment that facilitates the desire to not find the need to drink/use.

Start your recovery journey with Anatta Recovery Rehabilitation. Speak to one of our rehab counsellors +91 9967334000 / +91 9867007766 or email us at vandana@anatta.in  or visit us at https://anattarecovery.com/

2. Anatta Humanversity Pvt. Ltd.

Anatta is the only drug and alcohol rehab center which caters the elite and affluent class of people. It provides the treatment by maintaining the confidentiality of its clientele. The ambience provided is luxurious and exclusive.

Non-Medical – Anatta’s treatment involves counselling, meditation techniques, writing in a prescribed format, yoga, regression therapies, other alternate healing therapies for a rapid recovery.

Voluntary – The treatment program is essentially voluntary with absolutely no use of psychiatric medications unless there is an underlying disorder that surfaces during or after detoxification.

Detoxification – In this method, the substance is stopped and medication is only given at this time for a smoother withdrawal.

Single-Client Specific – Every individual is unique so his nature of addiction. Anatta provides client-specific treatment so that the patient receives the best treatment possible depending upon his condition.

The duration of the treatment program which is usually 6 to 8 weeks is decided upon during the detoxification phase.

Visit https://anatta.in/  to know more or if you have any query, email it to vandana@anatta.in

3. Delhi Rehab Center

Delhi Rehab Centre journey began with combined supervision of a maverick psychiatrist Dr Rajiv Jerajani and Mr Mahesh Hiranandani in the year 2004. Delhi has been continuously struggling with the threat created by drugs. Drug and alcohol addiction abuse has become a major cause of concern for Delhi in the last 20 years.

Delhi Rehab Centre has the immense experience of years in inspiring and motivating clients to accept help. It takes consistent support from both the experiential team and loved ones. Delhi being the nation’s capital can offer addiction treatment for your loved ones.

Many de-addiction centers in Delhi NCR facilities also equip addicts with lifestyle training and job skills that will help them with their career and become self-sufficient. Its prime objective is to improve your life by helping you quit drinking alcohol and stop using drugs.

Its treatment programs are Residential, Non-Medical and Client Specific. Delhi is recommended by international addiction consultants for addiction treatment. It offers one of the most confidential yet comfortable addiction rehabilitation.

Visit https://www.rehabcentredelhi.com/    to know more or if you have any query, email it to vandana@anatta.in

4. Alpha Healing Center

Alpha Healing Center is a very well renowned luxury rehab based in Vadodara, Gujarat. It has provided treatment to many patients across the world. It offers addiction treatment for alcohol, drug, meth, weed/marijuana and a few others. Alpha Healing Center is highly recommended by top psychiatrists of India. It also offers a special treatment for patients with trauma history or PTSD.

5. Tulasi Healthcare

Tulasi Healthcare rehabilitation center is well-equipped with bedrooms, kitchen, sitting and dining area. It offers treatment for alcohol and drug addiction which includes mental problems, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety and aggression. The treatment starts with medication, behavioral therapy, and counselling. They have a team of renowned psychiatrists & psychologists who operate out of psychiatric nursing homes & rehabilitation centers located across Delhi-NCR.

6. Phoenix Foundation India

Phoenix Foundation India is one of the top rehabilitation centers in India. It has an infrastructure of 25 beds, air-conditioned rooms, seminar hall and a gym. A 12-step program approved by the WHO for treating cases of drug and alcohol abuse where patients can rejuvenate and look forward to start a fresh life.

7. Safe House Wellness Retreat

The Safe House Wellness Retreat is one of the best rehabilitation centers in Delhi. It offers a safe and secure environment for the addict. Food is nutritious and healthy which meets the dietary needs of the person. Its remarkable ambience makes the person comfortable and he/she feels at home. A highly-qualified team of professionals provide the best treatment as they understand the patient’s feelings and emotions.

8. Cadabam’s Amitha

Cadabam’s Amitha is a centre for short and long-term rehabilitation care for the patients dealing with addiction s of any drug abuse including, tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, LSD and even addiction to painkillers and sleeping pills. They offer individual, group and family therapy, counselling, yoga, meditation, psychotherapy and a 12-step program that aims at improving the quality of life of an individual. Amitha has facilities like rooms (dormitory and single cottage), well-equipped kitchen, an activity area, library and much more to provide the patient with a sound environment.

9. Om Beach Resort

Om beach resort is a luxury resort in the name of the rehabilitation center. It is a heavenly beach resort where rehab is provided as you are on vacation. Its treatment process based on fewer medicines and amplifies more on nature-based therapies. These therapies to treat patients while almost no side-effect. They also have special Ayurveda treatments for alcohol de-addiction and run the program for smoking cessation. The treatment prices at this luxury rehabilitation center might seem exorbitant to some but if you can afford it, there is no better place in India to take rehab treatment than this place.

10. Abhaya Addiction Recovery Centre, Bengaluru

Abhaya Addiction Recovery Centre has a sprawling infrastructure of four-acre, greened landscape in a serene valley that provides a tranquil and soothing atmosphere to aid the recovery process. They provide care, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of addiction to mood-altering substances and alcohol. With a dedicated team of psychiatrists and psychologists, they cater to the special needs of addicts. Abhaya Addiction Recovery Centre deals with their patients by providing them with comprehensive, reliable, qualified clinical and socio-psychological care to help them recover and lead productive lives.

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