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Top 10 Alcohol & Drug Rehab Center in California

Battling drugs and alcohol addiction seems like a personal battle, but go and meet the family of substance addicts. You will get to know their pains. Seeing their loved ones getting degraded day by day is the worst experience of life. Drug and alcohol abuse brings damage to various aspects of life whether it’s physical, social, mental, financial, or spiritual. Health, marriages, job, and good company everything comes at stake when intoxication takes an entry into someone’s life.
Friends and family must dedicate all their efforts to ask the person to leave the substance abuse through their willpower by awarding them about its deadly consequences. However, if still they won’t agree to it, then it becomes important to get them enrolled for drug rehab in California. Here are the top drug and alcohol rehab California. Have a look:

1. Anatta Recovery

At Anatta Recovery, a long-term sobriety process is being followed which offers comprehensive healing of mind, body, and soul. The treatment gets started with an assessment which includes physical and mental screening. Further, the detoxification process takes place, followed by counseling sessions to heal emotional wounds and untreated trauma. Lastly, aftercare services are offered to patients to maintain a healthy life. Anatta Recovery, an alcohol rehab center in California regularly organizes alumni meet to allow patients to gain motivation from each other.


Contact information:
4900 California Avenue, Tower B, 2nd Floor,
Bakersfield, CA 93309, California, USA

2. Bayside Marin, San Rafael, California

Located in San Rafael, Bayside Marin, California is one of the best rehabs in California. Its experienced psychologists and counselors help individuals overcome their addiction. The medically supervised detox, residential, and outpatient programs of Bayside Marin take the patient through the 7 – day program. Inpatient treatment offers residents a safe and secure environment where individuals can get healed easily without undergoing stress or triggers. An individual undergoes various therapies like – meditation, family therapy, nutritional counseling, art and music therapy, acupuncture, educational classes, and even therapeutic massage.

Website: https://www.baysidemarin.com/
Contact information:
718 4th St.
San Rafael, California 94901
(888) 834-0423

3. Broadway treatment center, Huntington Beach, California

Broadway Treatment Center is a renowned alcohol treatment center in California offering high-quality treatment options. Rehab in California conducts a detoxification process and makes sure that the individuals will make their mind to achieve an ultimate goal of living a sober life, free from substance use. Depending upon the needs of each individual, the inpatient programs can last for 30, 60, or 90 days. This drug and alcohol rehab in California offers individual and group counseling to help patients get rid of chemical dependency and fosters overall healing of body, mind, and spirit.

Website: https://broadwaytreatmentcenter.com/
Contact information:
18582 Beach Blvd., Suite 214
Huntington Beach, CA 92648, United States

4. The Hills Treatment Center, Los Angeles, California

Known for the individualized treatment, The Hills treatment center is one of the most renowned alcohol rehab centers in California. The center offers separate programs to both men and women. This place not only concentrates on providing counseling and therapy sessions during the stay of the patient, but it is also known for its aftercare programming. They organize alumni and invite previous patients to talk and share their experiences. If they see any chance on the part of an individual of getting back to its previous addiction, then they guide an individual to stay alcohol and drug-free.

Website: https://thehillscenter.com/

Contact information:
8207 Mulholland Dr.
Los Angeles, California 90046
(866) 323-4665

5. Ocean Hills Recovery, Dana Point, California

Ocean Hills Recovery in Dana Point is one of the most recommended Alcohol rehab centers in California. It is the best place for people who want to break free themselves from addiction. The doctors of the alcohol rehab in California are really supportive and allow patients to undergo a medically supervised detoxification program. The individuals experience peace of mind through meditation, yoga, and listening to soothing spiritual songs. Our professional staff helps the clients experience a pain management program that lets them live successful, happy, and meaningful lives post-treatment.


Contact information:
33242 Christina Dr.
Dana Point, California 92629
(833) 444-7252

6. Dana Point Rehab Campus

Perched on a hill facing the Pacific Ocean, Dana Point Rehab Campus offers an exclusive treatment in one of the most picturesque drug rehabs in California. The place is specifically designed for people who desire privacy and a calm environment. A conducive environment allows a person to achieve sobriety. Based on both medical history and substance abuse history, individualized treatment is also offered by our experts. A state – of – the – art treatment consists of various therapies from detoxification to individual sessions. The detoxification treatment reduces negative withdrawal symptoms. The psychotherapies including group and individual sessions help an individual get distracted from unhealthy patterns of thinking and establish better cognitive functions.


Contact information:
33842 Orilla Rd, Dana Point,
CA 92629

7. Pathways Recovery

Break the continuous cycle of drug and alcohol addiction and start a new addiction-free life. The drug and alcohol rehab California offers addiction treatment 24×7 with the support of master level counselors. At Pathways Recovery, the staff offers plenty of individual support, time, and attention to every individual. During the detoxification treatment at drug rehab California, an individual is advised to focus on eating nutritious food. Removing unhealthy toxins and substances allows a person to eliminate negativity and boosts the immune system. It leads to better mental well – being, bringing a great amount of reduction in depression and anxiety.


Contact information:
775 Sunrise Ave STE 210,
Roseville, CA 95661

8. Reflections Executive Luxury rehab

With an optimum staff-to-client ratio, we offer the most attentive and compassionate care to our clients. Reflections Executive Luxury Rehab’s one-to-one therapy enables the clients to identify triggers and develop coping mechanisms. During Group counseling and therapy, the Reflections Executive Luxury Rehab encourages clients to share experiences and participate in sober interactions with others. The insightful interaction brings acceleration to the healing process. Rehabs in California like Reflections Executive Luxury Rehab help clients conquer dependence on drugs and alcohol completely by offering aftercare services.


Contact information:

1191 Simmons Ln,
Novato, CA 94945, United States

9. Hope By The Sea, San Juan Capistrano, California

Located between Los Angeles and San Diego, Hope by the Sea is one of the renowned alcohol treatment centers in California that offers a range of treatment options. This rehab center offers medically supervised detoxification, outpatient treatment, dual diagnosis treatment, outpatient treatment, and separate programs for men, women, and young adults. Amidst a safe and supportive environment, individuals learn to live a life free from drug and alcohol addiction.


Contact information:

33171 Paseo Cerveza
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

10. Valley Recovery Center, Sacramento, California

The Valley Recovery Center is one of the pioneer drug and alcohol rehabs in California. It offers inpatient, intensive outpatient, and alumni program to offer support even after treatment has been ended. The treatment program includes yoga, exercise, acupuncture, relapse prevention, therapeutic outing, and core labs to learn about the addiction and research for the associated treatment.


Contact information:
2221 Fair Oaks Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95825
(888) 985-3099

Addiction disorder is not an easy nut to crack. California is the well-chosen destination treatment. Enrolling a patient in drug rehab in California is a good decision as it helps achieve a decent level of sobriety. Hope this blog will help you find the best alcohol treatment center in California.

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