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Most Common Addictions in US

Substance Abuse & Most Common Addictions in U.S.

Alcohol & Drug Addiction in Texas:

While drug problems plague every region of this country, the specific substances of abuse differ from state to state. In this post, we’ll look at some of the most common addictions in Texas. Drug addiction is a public health crisis that has reached wide-ranging proportions across the United States and the rising rates of heroin abuse have gathered national attention, but the nation’s drug problem isn’t restricted to any one specific area. It seems that no state has managed to escape this menace, and Texas is no exception.

But first, it is important to understand what addiction is? Addiction can be defined as the uncontrollable want to use a substance irrespective of the injurious effects it has on the human mind and body. This happens because the body gets used to the external and heightened stimuli it receives from the substance. Once a person falls into a spiral of an addictive disorder, the way he/she exploits the substance is not in their control.  This boosted stimulus becomes the “new normal” for the body, thereby making it tough to quit. Therefore, addiction is a multi-level disease that has long-lasting effects and obstructs an individual’s everyday life. Sudden opposition to the substance can lead to distress and withdrawal symptoms that can end up doing more harm.

Once an individual faces an addictive disorder, the way he/she abuses the substance is not in their control. Addiction is a multi-faceted disease that has chronic effects and hampers an individual’s day to day life. Sudden resistance to the substance can lead to distress and withdrawal symptoms that can end up doing more harm.

People from all walks of life can experience drug or substance abuse, regardless of age race, background, etc. The reason they started using drugs in the first place can also be extremely similar or different. For some, experimentation with drugs begins due to curiosity, to ease problems, peer pressure, while for others it can be stress, anxiety, or depression.

Current Situation in Texas

The death rate across Texas due to drug overdose between the years 2014-2016 is shocking with some counties having numbers as high as 1384 deaths. It is reported that nearly 1,386,158 people in Texas gave reported having a substance use disorder. Nearly 500,000 people in Texas gave reported having a substance disorder involving illicit drugs and Texas has reported 1174 opioid relayed deaths. According to reports on addiction treatment in Texas, admissions in 2015, alcohol is the most commonly abused substance followed by heroin and marijuana.

Now, addictive disorders require personalized attention and treatment in order to bring back normality in the users’ life; a good treatment option is one, which is modified to the users’ concerns, in order to attain the best outcomes of sobriety. While addictions can have life-changing influences, luckily, like most illnesses, addiction too can be treated. Full recovery in fact is very common.

Alcohol Rehab Centers in Texas

Texas offers numerous treatment options for alcohol rehab centers in Texas. However, the first step of treatment belongs from within; self-acceptance of the situation is the foundation of a strong and positive recovery journey. Once that is accomplished, one can pursue a route that best suits his/her needs. Currently, there are several listed alcohol rehab centers within and just outside Florida. The two major forms of luxury rehab treatment are Inpatient and Outpatient rehab. Inpatient, as the name suggests is where one lives in a residential facility’s, and outpatient is where the patient stays at home and goes through treatment throughout the day

These can be voluntary, non-medical, and tailored in nature. The duration of residential treatment is based on the type of drug and/or substance abused, and the period of the addiction. Here one goes through numerous therapies that will inspire the patient to do away with abusing, with the help of qualified medical specialists.

Additionally, behavioral therapy is also a route that is commonly chosen, that emphasizes a rounded approach towards true inner remedial, psychotherapy, exercise, and open and authentic communication can also be a chosen route.  Moreover, there are also numerous cloistered remedial practices, and several self-help groups and twelve-step fellowships that help do away with drug and alcohol addiction within and around Florida. These are a good fit for those who do not wish to pursue an official source of therapy.

Today, South Florida is one of the most densely populated areas and comprises of Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties—has nearly four hundred and seventy-eight licensed facilities for drug treatment. There are more treatment centers than public elementary schools. If you or someone you know- like a friend or family member who requires treatment for addiction, Anatta Recovery can be the answer. Anatta Recovery is one of the leading luxury rehab centers in California. It provides recovery options through residential, non-medical methods, specializing in Alternative Life Programs, for those who want to recover and live a life free of substance dependence.

Anatta is one of the leading luxury rehab centers in Florida. It provides recovery options through residential, non-medical methods, specializing in Alternative Life Programs, for those who want to recover and live a life free of substance dependence.  Founded in 2004, by a person in recovery along with a psychiatrist, Anatta today has joined hands with renowned physicians, counselors, and healthcare professionals who aid the patient in recovery.

Anatta is a luxury rehab center based on voluntary, non- medical, client-specific, one on one program, where you gain the tools to deal with these unresolved issues through compassionate, individualized, holistic coaching in a lavish ambiance.

Anatta promotes and supports a treatment program, where we deal with emotional counseling and other behavioral treatments like – Meditation, Counseling, Introspective writing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

In addition, other healing routes also blend in, to facilitate the growth of an individual in order to encourage a transformation that leads to not finding the need to use /drink any substance whether drugs or alcohol.

Anatta provides a compassionate, accepting, non-judgmental environment, wherein help is available 24/7. It encourages an individual to accept oneself and deal with one’s issues in a harmonious environment that facilitates the desire to not find the need to drink/use. Anatta specializes is destination treatment that allows the individual to recover and regrow away from the hustle and bustle, in peace and tranquility. Recovering in the laps of serene nature, in luxurious comfort, away from ones day to day stress, enables faster results, and greater peace of mind, as one does not have to worry about the additional external pressure they may face from those rooting for them, because recovery is a process that has its good and bad days, thus having its own ups and downs.

The fact that rehabilitation is gaining normalcy and is been seen as an important route towards addiction recovery is indeed a refreshing change. Each individual facing the disease of addiction goes through their own journey, and have different experiences. The only commonality that all patients express is the need for constant positive support of family and trained professionals. The support is the key ingredient for recovery, and these luxury rehabilitation centers will do the remaining job.

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