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Heroine Addiction Treatment

We have been reading in the newspapers every now and then that how teens and youngsters are being held for consuming drugs. In the recent years, a major alarming increase has been registered among the youngsters for consuming drugs. This is not at all a good sign to notice where the future of the World is involved in unproductive and unethical activities. When the free – spirited minds get pressurised with personal and family problems, they get indulged into drug addiction. It is sad to see that young generation is experimenting with harmful substances like Heroine to experience a temporary happiness.

What is Heroine?

Heroine is a drug that comes from a flower, known as the opium poppy. It is usually grown in Asia, Mexico and South America. It can be white or brown in color. 

What is Heroine Addiction?

Heroine Addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease that is characterised by the changes in the brain.  Despite of its long term negative consequence, a person craves to consume Heroine again and again. During the initial consumption of Heroine, people use it to feel a rush of pleasure and a sense of joy. But after its continuous use, an individual develops a habit of consuming it. If he/she doesn’t consume it, he/she becomes restless. This psychosomatic behavior is known as addiction. 

What are the causes of Heroine Addiction?

Heroine is highly addictive. There can be many causes behind Heroine addiction from personal to family to environmental and many more. Let’s look these causes in detail: 

  1. Family or personal history: If a person’s family history has been such where most of his/her elders have been indulged into Heroine addiction. Then, there are higher chances that the next generation will also get involved into Heroine addiction.
  2. Unemployment: Yes! Unemployment can also be one of the major reasons behind Heroine addiction. An unemployed person gets frustrated easily. In order to eradicate the boredom of life, a person may get involved into Heroine addiction.
  3. Severe depression or anxiety: The World of depressed or anxious people has no color in their lives. Their thoughts and feelings are negative in nature and almost nothing can make them feel happy. In the search of happiness, they get addicted to Heroine to experience a few minutes of happiness. 
  4. History of risk taking behaviour: Sometimes, a person’s nature is quite different. He/she likes to experiment something new or other. They even indulge themselves to take a huge risk without caring about its result. So, when they taste Heroine drug for the first time and like its taste. They don’t think twice to consume it again and again inspite knowing its adverse effects physically and mentally.


  1. Peer pressure: Peer pressure is the direct influence of friends circle on an individual who is encouraged to follow their peers if he/she wants to remain favorite of a particular group. In order to impress his/her friends, an individual also starts consuming the Heroine and then it becomes a vicious circle.

What are the symptoms of Heroine Addiction?

Earlier, there is no particular symptom of opioid use disorder. But as it’s use increases, the symptoms of Heroine addiction can be easily noticed as given below: 

  • Memory issues
  • Erratic speech
  • Agitation or drowsiness
  • Smaller pupils
  • Depression
  • Reduced sense of pain
  • Runny nose
  • Constipation


How Heroine Addiction is diagnosed?

A Heroine addiction can be diagnosed by a thorough examination and assessment by a psychologist or psychiatrist. In some of the states, a licensed alcohol and drug counsellor may conduct the diagnosis. But, in most of the offices, a variety of tests is used. This includes lab tests like – urine test or blood test and a clinical interview. 

What are the effects of Heroine Addiction?

Short term effects of Heroine include:

  • Heavy arms and legs
  • Dry mouth
  • Vomiting
  • Itching
  • Upset stomach
  • Confused brain

Long term effects of Heroine include:

  • Liver and kidney disease
  • Insomnia
  • Collapsed veins
  • Mental disorder
  • Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C
  • Skin infection

Heroine addiction treatment therapies:

Heroine addiction requires individualised treatments that address the symptoms and take the person into the right mental state. Let’s look at the Heroine addiction treatment therapies in detail:

  1. Detoxification: Detoxification is the program which helps a body gets rid of drug elements. Detoxification process safely manages the withdrawal symptoms and helps someone stop taking drugs. 
  2. Cognitive behavioural therapy: It is one of the effective Heroine addiction treatments. CBT techniques help people to cope up with the risky situations.  CBT helps clients find out what they want most from life and move towards achieving them. They hone the skills that help change their thinking and behaviour to achieve mood enhancement and experience a sense of well – being. 

This kind of therapy also addresses negative thoughts and behaviours by incorporating strategies like – mindfulness and emotional regulation. The therapy also treats the psychological issues like sensation, interpersonal factors, imagery, sensation and cognition.

  1. Individual therapy: Individual therapy makes one of the best Heroine addiction treatments. It allows a person to discuss his/her problems with the trained professional. The professional understands the feelings and mindset of a person, analyses the root cause of the problem and accordingly designs its recovery.   
  2. Group therapy: Group therapy allows people to learn new coping techniques, communication skills and gain hope from the peers who are also facing the similar issue like panic attacks, depression and other mental health issue. Group therapy allows people to come out of isolation and discuss problems with each other. 
  3. Medication Assisted Treatment: This therapy consists of use of medications in combination with behavioural and counselling therapies. This treatment uses meditation to transit the patient and help him/her undergo withdrawal symptoms properly. 

However, if you or loved one is completely in trap of Heroine addiction and he/she thinks about its consumption throughout the day and invests a lot of time, effort & resources in acquiring drugs, then enrolling your loved one to a rehab centre becomes mandate.

Heroine addiction treatment at Anatta Recovery

At Anatta Recovery, our comprehensive recovery program makes it easier for an individual to wean the body off Heroine and bring a significant change in cravings. Our dedicated nutritionists, therapists and counsellors show an empathetic attitude towards a person, understands his/her past history and accordingly plan out the Heroine addiction treatment.  So, if you want to help your loved one get back to the life, contact Anatta Recovery. 

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